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terptree Interprets for the Prime Minister

A growing Newbury business, terptree - the place for deaf services, provided British Sign Language (BSL) interpretation for the Prime Minister during last Thursday’s VIP visit to Vodafone.


Berkshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/11/2014 -- Newbury has been home to Vodafone headquarters since 2002, and the visit from the Prime Minister was to celebrate the opening of 150 new shops around the UK and 1,400 new jobs, generating a £100m boost to the UK’s high streets over the next 12 months.

David Cameron described it as a “vote of confidence in the UK workforce from a company investing for the future to harness the next generation of digital services”. During his visit to Newbury, he praised the company and shared jokes with staff, including the fact that their technology made his life “a lot more difficult” and that a trip to “Newbury service station takes longer because there are quite a few people that want selfies”.

Victoria Williams, Managing Director of terptree, who provided the interpreting said “We were not actually told it was the Prime Minister making this special visit, so when he arrived it was very exciting, although nerve-wracking too”. She added “It was very exciting to be part of the event, especially in the involvement of sharing the uplift this will bring to the UK’s economy”

About terptree
terptree was formed in 2006 by Victoria Williams, to provide services to enable deaf and hearing people to communicate. Terptree also provides BSL training for the individuals or businesses who want to learn British Sign Language and a range of consultancy services. The offices are based at 12-20 Oxford Street, Newbury, Berkshire and employs 6 staff.

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Michael Suppo, Marketing Office, terptree
Number: 01635 886264