Terminator HSD by Terradis

Terradis Inc Extends Terminator HSD Consumer Line for Cleaning Up Home Oil Spills

Terradis Inc’s environmentally friendly oil cleanup solution, that has been used industrially and commercially in oil fields for 20 years, is now available to consumers for home use for a safer, more complete oil stain removal.


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/21/2014 -- Oil spills are inevitable. Whether it’s an aging car, leaking transmission or broken hydraulic lines, oil spills are bound to happen at some point and create ugly stains on concrete, driveways and yards that seem impossible to remove. Terradis Inc created an environmentally friendly compound that will remove oil stains and spills, and it has become ubiquitous in the oil industry. Now, they have released Terminator HSD, a consumer version of their best-selling product, to provide an easy and safe solution to oil stains and spills around the home, including their latest addition to the series - Easy Asphalt Cleaner.

Terminator HSD oil stain remover for concrete is part of a new range of products designed for consumers that are both environmentally friendly and just as effective as other options. The grey powder needs only to be lightly applied to the oil stained area and swept with a brush. Dry climates may require some water to activate the micro bacteria. In as little as six days, the solution will have worked its magic and eaten the hydrocarbons, leaving no stain behind.

There is also Terminator HSD Driveway Cleaner for oil stains, and a whole line of other specially formulated stain removers for different commonly occurring home surfaces, to rid them of oil stains for good. These products, though earth friendly, are priced comparable to their hazardous and environmentally harmful counterparts. This time tested solution works on stains of any age and comes with a manufacturer guarantee of satisfaction.

Daniel Jones, the CEO of Terradis Inc explained, “We made the decision to create a consumer product from our industrial mainstay when we discovered that those working in the oil industry were taking our industrial formula home to do the same thing. So we created a product that was equally as strong as our commercial line, and specially packaged for smaller oil stains around the home or small business. We are delighted by the excitement this has created and have received excellent reviews from consumers. It’s a must-have for anyone who likes to tinker with their cars at home, or even just want to change their own oil to save money. Now they can do so while leaving their garage floors and driveways unblemished.”

About Terminator HSD
The Terminator HSD Brand by Terradis Inc. passionately provides an environmentally friendly way for home owners and businesses to clean up oil spills and stains. Their product line is unlike any other, and has been used commercially in oil fields for more than 20 years. Two years ago the company released its consumer line for use on driveways, concrete, asphalt, and soil. For more information please visit: http://htprof-cleantech.com/