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Terry Sacka Discusses Why the Gold Meltdown Is Heating Up with Investors Business Daily

Regular guest Terry Sacka explained to Investors Business Daily that the gold and silver markets are being persecuted for their inherent value as a safe-haven for moral investors.


Jupiter, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2013 -- In a controversial statement on the Investors Business Daily website, Terry Sacka, Chief Strategist at Cornerstone Asset Metals, explained that the recent fall in gold prices may have more to it than the simple bursting of a bubble, as self-interested investors aim to hijack the resource from moral investors looking to save for their families.

Terry explained that according to biblical scriptures, it was written that God claimed gold and silver as his own currency. He went on to say that if good Christians had placed $10,000 into paper money and the same into gold in 2004, it would now be worth $3,500 in paper money and $30,000 in gold. Precious metals have always been seen as a safe haven in high inflationary times, and Terry believes the recent shortfall is due to a strategic move by the Wall Street elite to destabilize the investment.

Terry was quoted on as saying, "Major banks are selling excessively more bullion on paper than they have to deliver. If just 10% of the contracts in the futures market stood for delivery, the exchange would default."

The upshot is that this futures trading is artificially depressing prices, while physical demand for real gold is enabling sellers to unload coins and bars at a premium well above market values. There is then a false economy at work.

A spokesperson for Cornerstone Asset Metals explained, “Terry has always been a moral man who has made the unusual move of becoming a successful investor by using principles and guidance he found written in the Bible. As such, he is morally unimpeachable and firmly on the side of investors who wish to accumulate wealth for the good of their families over those who do so for exploitation. His words are powerful, but accurate, and anyone panicking about their investments in precious metals at the moment can take solace from him. He’s been here before and he knows what he’s talking about.”

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