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Terry Sacka of Cornerstone Asset Metals Announces That Gold and Silver Are Forming a Major Bottom at Oversold Levels

Terry Sacka was recently quoted in an article by Investor’s Business Daily on Gold and Silver. Mr Sacka has been quoted by several media outlets on the strength of Gold and Silver Prices


Jupiter, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/29/2013 -- Terry Sacka, an asset management specialist with Cornerstone Asset Metals has been quoted in numerous publications on matters surrounding the price of gold and silver.

"Remember Russia imported 600 tons of gold last year, central banks are continuing to buy and China is near passing India as a world gold importer," Sacka was quoted on, "The U.S. mint sold more silver in February than four months combined last year. They actually stopped selling for a period and have raised prices. That doesn't sound like a market softening, just shifting."

Terry is a regular name over at Investors Business Daily, and appeared before in 2012 making a prediction on the value of gold and silver that is now looking to be vindicated as accurate.

"They'll print — globally — up to $15 trillion over the next three years," says Terry Sacka, chief strategist at Cornerstone Asset Metals, "Currency is printed out of thin air backed up by nothing. The amount of bonds supporting bonds supporting bonds is unthinkable."

Terry has also appeared on camera talking about the situation for Channel 25 WPBF, explaining how precious metals can be used as a safe investment to hedge portfolios against systematic risk.

A spokesperson for Cornerstone Asset Metals explained, “We’re very proud of Terry and the work he’s doing in informing investors the world over about the value and sense behind precious metal investment. This is his specialist field and his advice is both expert and credible, so it’s no wonder that major news sources and specialist magazines want to get his opinion on the state of the precious metal market.”

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