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Testament: Ground-Breaking New Release from Dheena Subramanian Hailed 'Book of Books', Urging Readers to 'Know Thyself'.

By harnessing the spiritual energy and power of many different cultures, ‘Testament’ helps readers know the Reality behind all existence. Already translated into thirteen different languages, the book and its compelling message is resonating with readers around the world.


Fort McMurray, Alberta -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2013 -- view Dheena Subramanian’s latest book as a harmonious global message; the ‘book of books’. Through study related to Consciousness and Dark Matter, the text’s logical and scientifically-coherent message forms a syncretic synthesis of forgotten symbols and mistaken practices.

Many around the world are already using ‘Testament’ to change their lives for a better.


This is called Book of Books as it is a distillation and crystalisation of essential spiritual traditions of various religions of the world including Judaism, Taoism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism in to a holistic, universal and syncretic synthesis with reference to the Omnipresent Dark Matter or Dark Energy.

This is not a book for reading, knowing, understanding and forgetting.

This is a guide for practice to “know thyself”, to realize wisdom, to know the Reality behind all existence ie., matter, life, intelligence, to reach the highest goal of human development, to achieve world peace and absolute bliss, to fulfill the very purpose of human life and existence.

The objective of Yoga is Meditation and the objective of Meditation is transcendence of body and mind. By transcending body and mind, one can experience the Reality behind all existence.

Consciousness is boundless, transcending your body and mind and it encompasses everything. You, as Consciousness, hold everything! By knowing everything, you are wise and not ignorant any more! By being wise, you remain content and peaceful! By being peaceful, you are silent and blissful! By being blissful, you are eternal in Consciousness! There is nothing else you ought to be! How man is distinct from the remaining existence? He alone identifies with the objective world and the self- constructed subjective world and becomes that himself, though for a very short fleeting moment. That gives him the knowledge of inner dynamics of external objects and thought process. (Man alone can identify even with abstract concepts).

The sense of identification and imitation seems to be the distinguishing sixth sense of humanity. From that alone springs all knowledge, intelligence, love, friendship, cooperation, obedience, sympathy, creativity, excellence, culture, civilization, history and everything you can think of. One of the Cosmo genesis theories is that from Space comes Air and from Air comes Fire and from Fire comes Water and from Water comes Soil. Space is primary of all elements without which no other element can evolve or exist.

Total identification or merging with and being space is the key. This transforms identification from local or specific object (due to the presence of individual self ) to Universal Identification, which is the aspect of pure space.

Spiritualism states that Spirit or Soul or Atma exists apart from matter and mind. Is there one god or many gods? Is it he or she? Who is he?

As the author explains, his book contains vital knowledge that everyone should absorb.

“It clears several doubts and fills up gaps left open by the system of our education and knowledge. Brain is the Tree of Knowledge. Central Nervous System is the Tree of Life. Realization of Consciousness makes one eternal in Consciousness and not in body or mind as they are naturally mortal. Consciousness alone is immortal. Sense of love and kindness is akin to the sense of Consciousness. Love is Consciousness!” says Subramanian.

Continuing, “The study and practice of Integrated Meditation would definitely expedite the process of enlightenment and attainment of wisdom, peace and bliss. The sensation, devoid of sense perceptions and thought process, is Consciousness.”

In an effort to share the book with as many as possible, the author has already had it professionally translated into an impressive list of languages. Full translations to date include Tamil, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Arabic and Japanese.

With the book’s popularity increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Testament’ is available now in hard and soft copy formats: http://amzn.to/152nCHv

About Dheena Subramanian
Dheena Subramanian was born in India, currently living in Canada, trusts that a syncretic approach would bring in individual bliss and world peace.