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TestDome Ltd Announces Launch of Powerful Online Recruitment Software


Zagreb, Croatia -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2014 -- TestDome Ltd. today announced the release of TestDome; a powerful new piece of online recruitment software designed to ensure that employers get the right person for the job.

One of the biggest concerns of any employer is ensuring that they get the right person for the job. Most employers find that they will quite easily attract countless amounts of applications for a single position. Only a small fraction of these applicants will be suitable for the job, however. TestDome has been designed to cut down on the amount of time it takes to filter out the unsuitable candidates.

The biggest concern with online testing software is that many pieces have been designed in such a way that the potential employee will be able to cheat their way to success. This is because most of them use set questions which test nothing more than a candidate's ability to search for the answers online. TestDome promises to alleviate this concern.

TestDome allows programming questions to be generated on the fly which can then be emailed to the prospective candidate. These questions have been designed to test real world programming ability.

TestDome allows programming questions to be generated and then emailed to the prospective candidate. The questions used in the software enable the employer to test the candidate's ability in real world situations before asking them to attend an interview.

The questions in the TestDome question bank have been designed to emulate the same situations that a candidate may come up against whilst in employment. In the programming world, this could mean the debugging of software or working out the exact intentions of a piece of code. With this software, the candidate will be marked on their ability to recognize the problem that they are dealing with, as well as the speed in which the questions are answered.

Currently, the TestDome software is able to generate online tests for both Java and C# Programming Languages. More languages, including HTL, CSS, JavaScript, iOS, Android, and PHP are to be added later in the year.


You can find out more information about the TestDome recruitment software at

If you have any questions on the TestDome software, please get in touch with Zeljko Svedic (zeljkos (at)

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