Testmunk Publishes New Guide on the Advantages of Mobile App Testing

Testmunk has written new editorials outlining the advantages of cross platform mobile app testing and the hidden costs of resubmitting apps, presenting a compelling case for their automation tech.


Cupertino, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2015 -- App development is a relatively new, with the App store launching seven years ago, but hugely prosperous industry, with many young developers turning to app development to innovate new approaches and new ways to interact with common institutions, from fun games to online banking. The development process can be difficult however, and if errors creep through to the user experience it can be disastrous for the app's reputation and success. Testmunk offers automated app testing that can cut the app release cycle in half by offering comprehensive test results from real devices in moments. This is possible because developers and QA manager can test and iterate on features and code changes faster using testmunk'sĀ automated app testing tool. They have just written new editorials describing the many advantages of the format.

The first centers on hybrid versus native apps. Hybrid apps can save time on developing two distinct apps for different operating systems, but can lead to unexpected errors that can see users abandon the app en masse. They describe a three-layer acceptance test that will help people spot potential clashes before they happen and quickly establish what needs to be changed to provide a truly seamless user experience. This means companies can start automating App testing using this approach and save considerably on testing and overall development time leading to faster time to market.

The second looks at the hidden costs of resubmitting an app after problems have been found thanks to insufficient testing, and stands as a warning to those who dismiss the initial advantages.

A spokesperson for Testmunk explained, "In our hidden costs article we have taken pains to model, based on real examples, what the true financial cost of poor testing and result resubmission are. Just one phase of the five phases we identified can cost over ten thousand dollars. As such, it is perfectly clear that testing, when automated, comprehensive and intuitive, is worth its weight in gold. We provide that service, and the advantages speak for themselves. We have simply illuminated them for clarity."

About Testmunk
Testmunk automates mobile app testing on real iOS and Android devices. They enable app developers to decrease the time it takes to get an app to market through streamlined individual and cross-platform testing. They offer immediate test results without having to tap through test cases, enabling iterations between development and testing to optimize output with a minimum of time and effort spent.

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