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Texas Couple Release Compelling New Books, Inspiring Lovers Around the World

While circumstances did not permit their love to flourish, Rory Johnston and Virginia Doyle refused to give up the bond they had formed. Having overcome many challenges and tribulations, the couple now reside together in Texas and are ready to share their story with the world.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2013 -- Just like millions of others, Rory Johnston and Virginia Doyle fell in love. However, unlike most other relationships, circumstances prevented their love from flourishing and bringing them truly together. With a compelling story to tell, the couple are set to inspire others around the world as they announce the launch of two powerful new books.


It Happened at Squeedunc Plantation: A Love Story - How did a love that spanned decades and worlds finally fan its long smoldering spark? It happened at Squeedunc Plantation. Such is the origin, as well as the title, of a short story of love, passion, and the incredible feeling of discovering a soul mate that cannot be undone by life’s many conflicting pulls. Co-written by paramours Virginia Doyle and Rory Johnston, It Happened at Squeedunc Plantation. A Love Story. is the poignant work documenting the decades-long exchange of star-crossed lovers who transcended time and place to cement their extraordinary love.

This tender tale of love lost and regained is certain to inspire you to hold fast to your heart’s longing, no matter how many conditions and continents stand in its way. After meeting at a safari in Africa twenty-five years ago, neither Virginia nor Rory can seem to erase that first connection from their hearts. Despite the often insurmountable challenges of distance and time, the authors transcended time and place to reconnect deep in the bayous of the Mississippi River at Squeedunc Plantation, in Northern Louisiana. In the hours leading up to their reunion and in its wake, the authors share anticipatory reflections of seeing each other again, confirming that the soul connection in Zimbabwe was as powerful and lasting as both had believed.

Once their love is confirmed, the exchanges and proclamations grow more ardent still, as they celebrate their joining of souls. However, apart, they must now contend with a deeper longing than before, with Rory growing envious of even the bath sponge he imagines to be with his love every night. Similarly, Virginia reels in the reality of a love requited, hardly able to contain her disbelieve this she is not in a dream. With each sweet sentiment and celebrated love, It Happened at Squeedunc Plantation. A Love Story. illuminates the mystery, magic, and magnificent staying power of true love that is certain to strengthen your resolve and stir your heart.

Growing Up in Africa: A Short Story of Self Discovery in an Age of Innocence - Growing up, Rory was a rebellious, imaginative, spiritual, and lonely child. While he had his family around him, he had very few friends. However, what Rory did have was Africa. His parents left a ravaged, post-World War II Europe with Rory's two brothers before he was born. Rory began his life in East London, South Africa, and left for Southern Rhodesia when he was two years old. Without his family's shared memories of Europe, Rory would be shaped into a man by his new and shocking African surroundings.

From the moment the family arrived, Rory realized that he was completely infatuated with nature. That infatuation coupled with being on perhaps the most natural continent on the planet led to a unique childhood full of introspection and appreciation for his surroundings. Whether it was watching the wildlife in his back yard or escaping to “The Rock,” a huge granite boulder that was his home away from home, Rory’s view of the world around him was profoundly impacted by the spirituality and all-encompassing power of nature he witnessed daily. Growing Up in Africa: A Short Story of Self Discovery in an Age of Innocence tells the charming story of a young boy and his journey to self-discovery through his interactions with the unique aspects of African life. From safaris to cobra encounters and schoolyard fights to kissing parties, his life was normal enough to get by yet exciting enough to truly stand out. Everyone has their own coming-of-age tale, but very few have the remarkable setting and unique circumstances that Rory did.

Filled with adventure, introspection, and a subtle spirituality, Growing Up in Africa is an enjoyable tale of adolescent adventure and discovery.

As Johnston explains, both books will enrich the souls of all who read them.

“My personal coming-of-age story will inspire all young people to expand their horizons and respect the cycles of nature. In terms of our love story, we hope it serves as a dedication to others around the world and teaches them to be bold and to grasp what they have with both hands, never letting go,” he says.

Resonating with a growing global readership, interested parties are urged to purchase both books while supplies last.

It Happened at Squeedunc Plantation: A Love Story: http://amzn.to/1383Wze

Growing Up in Africa: A Short Story of Self Discovery in an Age of Innocence: http://amzn.to/UofDfw

About the Authors: Rory Johnston
Rory Johnston was raised in colonial Africa, in Southern Rhodesia. He is the author of Growing Up in Africa, which commemorates and shares his fantastic childhood there. Throughout his childhood, he traveled to some of the most remote corners of the country on safaris with his family, and has worked in the photographic safari business his entire life. To this day, he travels to Africa several times a year, but currently lives in Houston, Texas.

Having met Rory on safari twenty-five years ago, Virginia Doyle eventually realized a love between them. Circumstances did not permit this love to flourish, despite meeting every few years on journeys around the world. It is an unusual and intensely personal experience for the authors that they would like to share. They now travel to Africa several times a year. Virginia Doyle grew up in New Orleans, and spent many of her formative years in the NE Louisiana countryside. She now calls Houston, Texas home.