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Texas Custom Boot Maker Shares the Benefits of Using American Bison

Mercedes Boots Gives the Run Down on Why American Bison Leather Works so Well


Ben Wheeler, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/31/2016 -- There are a great number of leathers to make western boots from. Mercedes Boots has been in the business for nearly half a century and is intimately familiar with the materials they use. One of the many leathers they offer is American Bison Leather. Not to be confused with Buffalo leather (which they also happen to offer), American Bison Leather comes – as the name would indicate – from animals right here in the United States.

American Bison Leather does not stretch easily – making it an excellent choice for a number of items such as upholstery, shoes, bags and – of course – western boots. Soft, strong, and durable, it is a hearty material that – at its core – still reflects the toughness and spunk of the country from which it is born out of. For those who work outdoors every day, live in rainy regions, or simply want something that will last no matter the weather, it's important to note that American Bison Leather naturally sheds water so it can be worn in wet weather, wet grass, or whatever kind of wet comes along.

American Bison Leather comes in a number of beautiful colors and finishes. Based in Texas, Mercedes Boots has been in the business of designing a high quality boot that fits not just the foot of the individual wearing it, but their personality as well. With the option to implement bison into this mix, this only adds another layer of customization to reflect the tastes of whoever gets themselves a custom-made boot.

"We're proud to offer a wide array of leather options including ones that originate here in our own land," shared owner Debby Farr. "American Bison Leather has come to be a defining part of the boots we make and always proven to be as dependable as any leather can get. And what makes it great it not just its aesthetic appeal but also its practical use for conditions of all kinds."

Folks are welcomed to visit Mercedes boots in person to come see bison leather for themselves or visit Mercedes Boots online to learn more about the process that goes into their custom handmade boots. A myriad of wonderful examples can also be found on their Facebook page which are sure to inspire boot lovers of all generations to find the Western boot that's right for them!

About Mercedes Boots
Since 1975, Mercedes Boots has been specializing in crafting the finest custom Western leather boots money can buy. Located in Ben Wheeler Texas, all production occurs in-house and an uncompromising approach to designing and creating fashions results in a boot that is second to none. Each and every boot is a work of art unto itself and reflects the unique personality of each individual puts them on. Taking pride in the fact that they do not mass produce their products or ever sell to western stores, Mercedes Boots has nonetheless sold boots in every state as well as sixteen foreign countries making it a force to be reckoned with in the world of footwear!