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Texas Factoring Companies Including Houston Invoice Factoring Companies Offer Transportation Factoring and Accounts Receivable Financing

Houston Factoring companies offer invoice factoring and Houston business Factoring Services including transportation factoring and accounts receivable factoring


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2021 -- Catamount Funding, one of the premier Factoring companies in Houston TX, offers invoice factoring services to help small and medium-sized businesses overcome short-term cash flow problems via accounts receivable financing. The transactions allow the company to leverage their unpaid invoices which have been sent to clients but may not have their payment due date in the next few weeks or months. There can often be a seasonal pattern to the uptake due to busy periods for sales and peak shipping periods. Transportation factoring has many other names and can interchangeably be known as freight factoring, freight bill factoring, or trucking factoring. It is one of the major day-to-day types of transaction at Catamount Funding, premier invoice factoring specialists based in Houston, Texas, with service regions across the US. Delivering a load to a client requires the upfront outlay of cost, from the maintenance on the vehicle or fleet of vehicles, to paying the drivers, to the gas which fuels the journey. That money can then get tied up while the invoice becomes due. Selling the unpaid invoices at a discount through an accounts receivable factoring transaction is a way to inject cash back into the business. There is no limit to the amount which can be factored in the sense that the more receivables a company has, the more they can submit for factoring.

Time and money are also saved as the factoring company takes on the responsibility of collecting the money due on the invoice. Factoring invoices has other advantages such as not affecting a credit score, it is not the same as a traditional loan. Catamount Funding offers a flexible financing program where a client can decide to factor in all of their invoices or only a subset. The invoice factoring mechanism is simple and can be applied across many different industries and business sectors so typical clients can be as diverse as landscaping companies, welding companies, fabricators, technology companies, electrical contractors, oilfield services, pipe fitting, and staffing companies. Some of the funding needs are common across many clients, costs that are routinely part of everyday expenditure, like payroll. Others are more specialized, like the need to keep a warehouse stocked and primed for the next order in a manufacturing company. Houston small business factoring is not only for the times when cash flow is tight, it is also a potential solution when looking to expand operations or make some modifications in order to be able to operate more efficiently into the future.

Catamount Funding, one of the Houston invoice factoring companies offering freight bill factoring services, respect that time is often a critical factor in success and process finance approval decisions within 48 hours. Their team of experts offers business invoice factoring services to relieve the cash flow bottleneck. The application process is simple and can be accessed via their website. Applications are welcomed from start-up companies as financing decisions are made primarily on the financial condition of the account debtors. Financial pressure need not stop a business from operating or growing, factoring accounts can deliver the working capital funds necessary to free up cash flow.

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Catamount Funding, Inc. is one of the premier Gulf Coast Factoring and Houston factoring companies, a financial services provider specializing in accounts receivables, construction factoring, invoice factoring and Houston accounts receivable factoring, suited to small or medium-sized business owners.

A particular specialty is freight factoring, otherwise known as freight bill factoring, or transportation factoring. Accounts Receivable Management is included with Catamount's Invoice Factoring Services.

They hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. For more information on Texas Factoring services like purchase order financing, construction factoring, energy factoring, and Houston small business receivable factoring, please visit:

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