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Texas Factoring Services from Catamount Funding Include Construction Factoring, Energy Factoring, Freight Factoring, and Houston Accounts Receivable Financing

Houston Factoring companies like Catamount Funding offer invoice factoring services and Houston business Factoring Services including freight factoring, construction factoring, and accounts receivable financing


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2019 -- Factoring companies in Houston TX operate within Texas and also may have additional regions they operate in across the US. Catamount Funding, a premier financial services provider offering invoice factoring services, has several service regions across the United States, including the Rocky Mountain Region, the Gulf Coast Region, the West Coast Region, and the Midwest Region. This flexibility works well in a time when internet access and marketing can reach customers many miles away. With so many business opportunities, it can be a real challenge to sustain or grow a small to medium-sized business when cash flow is critical. Making a choice between being able to pay staff on time or schedule maintenance on a fleet of vehicles detracts from the day-to-day business and becomes a source of stress. In some instances, the money needed to pay the outstanding bills could be tied up in invoices. Services or goods have been delivered and the check is due within days, weeks, or a few months. Invoice factoring is a way to turn unpaid invoices into almost immediate cash. This form of business factoring is not like a traditional loan and as such, it does not add liability to the company balance sheet. This can be an asset, particularly if other types of financing are being applied for simultaneously. A good credit rating is easier to attain or maintain when vendors are paid on time, and the relationship with regular clients and suppliers is not put under strain. Timing can sometimes be crucial, an example would be an instance when a company's main supplier offers a limited time 'early payment discount' on the staple product required. Having the cash available to take advantage of these unforeseen opportunities can make a real difference on the balance sheet. In addition to the cash flow situation being improved, additional resources within the client's company need not be taken up by trying to follow up and collect unpaid invoices as Catamount's factoring program includes accounts receivable management on factored invoices. The knowledgeable team at Catamount Funding brings their experience and practical approach to customizing solutions for each unique client.

Catamount Funding respect that time is often a critical factor in success and process finance approval decisions within 48 hours. Their team of experts offers invoice factoring services to relieve the cash flow bottleneck. The application process is simple and can be accessed via their website. Applications are welcomed from start-up companies as financing decisions are made primarily on the financial condition of the account debtors. Financial pressure need not stop a business from operating or growing, factoring accounts can deliver the working capital funds necessary to free up cash flow.

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Catamount Funding, Inc. is one of the premier Houston factoring companies, a financial services provider specializing in invoice factoring and is a Houston accounts receivable factoring company suited to the small or medium-sized business owner. A particular specialty is freight factoring, otherwise known as freight bill factoring, or transportation factoring. Accounts Receivable Management is included with Catamount's Invoice Factoring Services. They hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. For more information on Texas Factoring services like purchase order financing, construction factoring, energy factoring, and business receivable factoring, please visit:

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