Texas Inventor Launches Indiegogo to Change Roofing Industry

Hopes to Lower Insurance Costs For All Homeowners


Fort Worth, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2014 -- Roof repair. It's a challenge. Depending on what is required, it can cost a fortune in labor costs. Weather causes most damage and insurance will only cover so much. What's a homeowner to do, especially with weather becoming more of an issue? One roofing specialist in Fort Worth, Texas believes he has the answer and has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise the production costs required to meet insurance company and consumer demands to prove it with his product Shingle Restore.

The product, ShingleRestore, is designed to allow a homeowner or roofer to quickly repair small to moderate asphalt shingle roofing damage which may have been caused by hail, wind or falling objects. The shingle restoration product comes as a kit supplying the user with enough material to cover about 25 squares of light to medium hail damaged shingles. For easy transport, the material is conveniently packaged in the ShingleRestore 5 gallon bucket. And it only requires basic tools to properly repair a shingle roof, such as a paint brush, a broom and a small trowel. Once the product is applied, repairs can last for the life of the roof.

The inventor is using this campaign to raise funding from angel investors to set-up the mass production and will cover the manufacturing, packaging, and marketing of the product as well as hire additional staff for training the insurance company adjusters. The mission is to train over 3000 contractors with how to use the product. Investor rewards include a personal thank you from the inventor, hats, t-shirts and a supply of the product.

It is very important for the inventor to meet insurance company demands for the product, thus the reason for raising production funding. If demand cannot be met, it is possible the product might not be available to the public.

For more information, visit SHINGLE RESTORE.

Company Name - Shingle Restore
Company address 6409 breeze bay point Fort Worth, TX 76131

Shawn Brooks (owner)
Phone 214-531-0264
Email shinglerestore@gmail.com