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Texas Israeli Self Defense Instructor Prepares Everyone for Brutal Knockout Game


Grapevine, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/26/2013 -- It’s no secret that self defense can save a person from unwanted assaults, holdups and other crimes causing physical injuries. However, recent incidents of assault labeled as a “game” alarmed the authorities and prompted self-defense experts to promote awareness about protecting oneself during these unexpected instances.

Monster X Camp’s Larry Clay, a self-defense instructor says, “Recent news unveiled an atrocious thuggish game where a “player” looks for a target person and punch as hard as possible to knock out the target. The target person is any random individual walking unsuspectingly along streets regardless of age or sex.” To see a news about this brutal “game”, log on to

The Israeli instructor continues, “Victims of the Knockout game include a young mother on her mid 20s. She was walking with her four-year old kid with her other baby on stroller when she’s caught off guard when the attacker hit her viciously on the face. The attacker left her lying on the ground bleeding as her four-year old, shocked and all, roamed around without any help. The victim gained consciousness with a broken jaw. What’s appalling about this incident is that the victim was 5’4 in height and weighing around 106 pounds while the attacker, around 17 years old, is approximately 6’2 tall and weighing 185 pounds. This is an extremely disgusting game.”

Because of the brutal incident, the self-defense professional stressed out that it’s the high time to acknowledge that knowing how to avoid these attacks will be beneficial for everyone. Thus, Coach Larry introduced KravMaga as a self-defense option.

Krav Maga is a fighting system practiced and mastered by the Israeli Defense Forces that can also be used for protection. Unlike other self-defense choices, its techniques depend on instinctive movements that are easy to learn and remember. The techniques are simple, but proven effective for these situations. Learning this system covers enhancing rapid responses or reflexes and counter attacks with practical techniques that everyone can learn.

Techniques in protecting oneself involve hand-on-hand combats, dirty fighting, and using improved weapons for added protection. Furthermore, it also introduces how to know about signs or opportunities to escape by running away. Considering its holistic approach, it is the ideal self-defense system for today’s modern world. See how this system works by watching this video

Coach Clay conducts self-defense classes teaching this system like complete stand-up as well as groundfighting instructions that prepare students’ bodies and minds in encountering these incidents. It is an all-in-one training as it also integrates emotional training that contribute in winning against attackers.

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