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Texas Offset Smokers, Backyard BBQ Pits, and Premier Barbecue Grills from Texas Original Pits Are Practical and Durable

Texas BBQ smokers including offset smokers, vertical smokers, and BBQ Pits from Texas Original Pits are fully welded for superior temperature control. High-quality BBQ Smoker Pits, BBQ Wood, and Texas Smokers develop authentic Texas flavor


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/26/2020 -- Texas meat smokers are a popular back yard addition for beginners and pitmasters alike who enjoy not only the authentic Texas barbecue flavors which can be developed but also the process of smoking and cooking different cuts over many hours. It takes time to develop the subtle flavors and a popular model of smoker is an offset smoker. The name derives from the configuration of the smoker, with the firebox being positioned to the side and slightly lower than the main chamber. The best offset smokers are fully welded as temperature control is a key element in the smoking process. If the seams are not fully welded, there can be 'hotspots' or heat loss at the site of rivets and leaky seams. Thin metal sheets are also unable to retain heat as well as the thicker steel materials utilized by Texas Original Pits, premier BBQ smoker manufacturers based in Houston, TX.

However good the final result may be taste-wise, the practicalities of using the smoker should never be underestimated. Without a perfectly stable and flat cooking surface, for instance, the food can roll or slide and grease can pool. The addition of ashtrays and design features that make clean-up simpler and more accessible is evident as the team at Texas Original Pits has a passion for Texas BBQ, creating high-quality smokers, BBQ grills, and Texas fire pits which are designed to last. Barbecue pits are built to exacting standards and are expected to last 20+ years. Taking care of a smoker or grill is an important part of maintaining the quality of results and the appearance of the product. Naturally resistant to staining and tarnishing, steel can tolerate intense sunshine and even harsh weather, however, investing in a cover will further protect exposed surfaces from dust and water. Cleaning out the racks after each use is a good habit to adopt and reduces the prep work required the next time barbecue is on the menu. Slide-out grills, the use of a grease pail, and accessories like a contoured firebox ash clean-up tool make light work of tasks that could be seen as a chore on poorly designed alternatives.

Offset smokers and vertical smokers can be customized by choosing a size, lid types, reverse flow design and several upgrades can be bundled together for overall savings as part of the 'fully loaded' package. Alongside the bbq smoker pits at Texas Original Pits, smoker grill models are also sold. The steel wagon wheels, heavy-duty grates, and classic Texas grill design ensure a rugged appearance and quality performance.

About Texas Original Pits
Based in Houston, Texas Original Pits is a manufacturing company known for its trusted Texas Barbecue Grills, BBQ Smokers, and Fire Pits. Since 2007 their goal has been to create well-made, hand-built, BBQ Pits. Combining their experience and passion for cooking Texas-style BBQ with manufacturing experience from the oil and gas industry, they have developed a predictable and repeatable construction method using only the highest quality materials. The products are equally suited to the needs of competition BBQ and backyard enthusiasts. No compromise exists in the design, materials, construction, or finish of the Texas Original Bar-B.Q. Pits. Popular products include Texas meat smokers like their Luling offset smokers, Vertical smokers, Pearsall smokers, Spindletop fire pits, Corsicana grills, Ranger Camper grills, BBQ wood, and the Texas hog roaster and grill. Ordering online via the website is an easy process and there are selections to be made for sizes and lid types. The most popular accessories can be bundled together as part of the 'fully loaded' upgrade package, saving money compared to buying each accessory separately.

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