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Text Based Scoring Engine & Copywriting Software AdvantageBot Launched


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2012 -- AdvantageBot the world’s only text based, copywriting scoring engine, has been launched and is now available for sale worldwide. The innovative copywriting software helps copywriters, direct response/online marketers, advertising agencies and everyone who has something to say or write, optimize their communication and increase its performance.

For many years, struggling marketers, copywriters, ad agencies and businesses were paying big money to test the potential effectiveness of advertising copy for its ability to increase sales and conversions. What they didn’t know was that a select group had access to a powerful software solution that virtually ensured effective copy. Originally called ‘Glyphius’, the software’s text scoring engine had the ability to predict if the written words in any type of copy would get a better response. After a major transformation, the original software has been improved for response and conversion predictability and rebranded as AdvantageBot.

The original copywriting software worked so well that Swiss-based digital publishing company, IMS Internet Marketing Solutions SARL owned by Jean-Philippe Schoeffel and UK-based publishing and marketing consultancy company, Hodgkinson Publishing Ltd, purchased the company. After completing a two-year improvement process of analyzing more ads and data to fuel the incredibly powerful algorithm, they have taken the software’s accuracy levels to a point where it has become as ‘close to perfect as humanly possible’ “Now, the rebranded and vastly improved AdvantageBot is available to the world and at a price point that makes this incredible software affordable industry wide,” Simon Hodgkinson, Hodgkinson Publishing’s owner explained.

“We spent thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars to improve the data set that powers the algorithm running beneath the simple surface of this software to obtain an 85-percent prediction accuracy rate,” said AdvantageBot’s Jean-Philippe Schoeffel. “We feel that the resultant software gives the owner a true marketing advantage that will effectively revolutionize conversions, profit margins and businesses by helping to increase sales and effectiveness of copy in any setting.”

AdvantageBot contains a built-in database of over 216,000 profitable and unprofitable ads.

The MAC and PC-compatible software allows anyone to score their own text against this database for profitability. Users simply copy/paste a headline, sentence, order link, Adwords, ad or any other text into the edit box in AdvantageBot and click the “Score” button. Users can input changes to any sentence, word or punctuation mark to fine-tune and optimize the text for the highest score. The higher the score, the more effective the communication will be with regards to goals and metrics.

The revolutionary AdvantageBot marketing software helps anyone obtain more clickthroughs on ads/promo materials and create stronger headlines and copy that generates extra sales. In addition, the software can facilitate increased sharing of social media posts, higher open rates for email subject lines and even increase effectiveness in spoken word situations such as video scripts and speeches among many other potential benefits. For more information, please visit http://AdvantageBot.com

About AdvantageBot
AdvantageBot is a copywriting scoring engine that helps copywriters, direct response/ online marketers, advertising agencies, businesses and everyone who has something to say or write, optimize their communication and increase its performance. The text scoring engine is backed by a database of 200,000 powerful ads that are analyzed through a proprietary algorithm which predicts winners and losers with an 85-percent accuracy rate. AdvantageBot is a joint venture between Swiss-based digital publishing company Internet Marketing Solutions SARL and UK-based publishing and marketing consultancy company Hodgkinson Publishing Ltd.