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Text Loan Pro Revamps Website, Provides Fixed Fees on Text Loans Before Processing Applications


Greater London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2012 -- Text Loan Pro, a provider of text loans in the United Kingdom, has recently launched its new website which has been designed to provide loans even quicker. The company has an interactive flash software on the homepage that calculates the fees of the loan required. The company states that they have a fixed rate and let their customers know beforehand how much money they will need to pay after the loan has been sanctioned. The company has gained recent popularity for sanctioning loans within minutes.

Text Loan Pro states that they have two main objectives. First being providing loans as quickly as possible. The company informs that after texting the details, confirmation of sanction of loan will be given in 10 minutes. The company can provide loans up to £ 2000 in this 10 minute time frame. The second objective of Text Loan Pro is to let their customers know when and how much money will need to be paid after they have received the loan. Usually loan providers sanction loans quickly but do not tell their customers how much and when the money will need to be paid, this often causes confusion as the so-called hidden charges are not clearly mentioned, states the company. Details on the company’s interest and fees can be viewed on their website, textloanpro.co.uk. Loan seekers can alternatively fill in an online form for loans available on the website.

Text loans have become a huge hit and are considered an upgrade to payday loans. The possibility of asking for loan silently by simply texting can save embarrassing moments. Other who are simply busy or require instant loans prefer loans by text rather than calling and explaining their situation. Text Loan Pro offers their service 24/7 hence loan prospects can text for loans anytime there is a requirement.

Despite the quickness and clarity on interest fee for the text loans the company advices its customers to carefully analyze the circumstance and then ask for loans. The text loans are given for short periods of time and are expected to be paid on the next payday, states the company. As per the charges the company reassures by saying that the exact amount is provided beforehand and is expected to be paid within 30 days.

About Text Loan Pro
Text Loan Pro is one of the leading companies in providing instant text loans. Through their online platform, http://www.textloanpro.co.uk/, information regarding interest and amount of loan borrowable can be viewed. The company is known for providing quick loans and for its fixed interest fees.

For more information about text loans, or to schedule a meeting or interview with founders of textloanpro.co.uk, please email at admin@textloanpro.co.uk.