Text Neck and Forward Head Posture Solutions by Dr. Gordon Fimreite of Chiropractic in Chicago Loop

Prolonged computer work, texting, mobile and electronic devices are playing havoc on our backs and necks. What’s the solution?


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/01/2018 -- Modern technological devices are usually seen as a good thing, but sometimes technology can have a negative impact, especially when it involves your health. This recent phenomenon is affecting people of all ages, including the young.

One of the biggest sources of neck pain, headaches, mid back pain, shoulder soreness, muscle tightness/spasms and even arm pain/tingling comes from anterior head carriage or Forward Head Posture, also called 'text neck'. It is caused by prolonged hours of being hunched over computers, tablets, mobile and other electronic devices. Most Forward Head Posture involves prolonged sitting, so low back pain is also becoming problematic.

"I'm seeing more patients than ever who suffer from postural related problems." says Dr. Gordon Fimreite of Chiropractic in Chicago Loop. "Normally the neck has a forward "C" curve but now is being stressed beyond its normal position and over time this presents a problem. Patients visit my office routinely to counter the damaging effects caused by work ergonomics."

For every inch your head is thrusted forward from its natural position it adds an additional 10 lbs of stress to the neck, back and shoulders. According to the Mayo Clinic, this can "lead to long term muscle strain, disc herniations, arthritis and pinched nerves."

What are the solutions to correct Forward Head Posture?

Dr. Fimreite believes that chiropractic care is one of the best resources to correct and even reverse the damaging effects of Forward Head Posture.

He says the first objective is to detect the specific postural and spinal imbalance that is producing the spinal irritant. After finding this spinal subluxation (misalignment and nerve stress), he performs specific spinal adjustments to reduce the posture strain. In conjunction, it's necessary to fix the workstation and be conscious of all activities where the head is flexing forward and down, including carrying heavy backpacks.

Download a free copy of proper work ergonomics and how to setup your workstation at: https://www.drfimreite.com/ergonomicflyer.

After getting chiropractic adjustments and fixing your workstation, there are specific exercises that he gives to patients after the pain is under control. He says one of the biggest mistakes is doing spinal exercises when the pain levels are not under control as this can make the condition worse. Once the patient is feeling better, then the focus is on function and optimal health.

"We live in a quick fix society, which is a contradiction to true health. Health problems usually don't happen overnight and they certainly are not fixed overnight. A lot of people associate chiropractic with a pain remedy but are really missing out on the true health benefits including wellness and preventative care to optimize the mechanics and nervous system function," says Dr. Fimreite.

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