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Textonica vBooks Offering Authors to Be Heard


Teaneck, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2016 -- All writers have something to say and therefore also have a strong need to be heard, both metaphorically and literally. A newly established startup Textonica Media LLC, (aka Textonica) is offering a facility that will allow writers to be heard through "vBook- add sound to your book" service. The resulting vBooks interactive multimedia books and catalogs made as applications for smartphones and tablets iOS/Android.

"Textonica Media LLC is to meet that need with our vBooks offering. We give authors the chance not only to publish digital versions of their works on web and mobile but also to lend them their voice with interactive voice-over narration. Now every author can have their voice accompany their words – with a wide application from children's books to poetry and spoken prose."

The vBooks developers at Textonica work alongside writers to create the multimedia ebook writers would be proud of. Textonica has divided the service into two different packages to suit the needs of writers. Clients either choose the Standard package priced at $199 per book in which writers can provide a ready-to-publish manuscript in PDF format, along with a cover, any included images and self-recorded audio files of the manuscript which the Textonica professional can put together as a multimedia book or catalog app. Alternatively, the company also provides a premium package at $349 per book where the developers will assist authors preparing their manuscript, edit images, and record audio files prior to developing the vBook.

The company believes that their service is the easiest way for self-publishing in a format that will convey to a larger audience, according to the Textonica, readers of all age groups are able to enjoy vBooks by reading the text and/or listening to the author's voice that accompanies each page. The narration plays an important role in conveying the author's tone.

Writers can choose to create their vBook from two different formats: Mobile apps designed for smartphones and tablets and published through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, or as a web application which is better suited for use in websites.

Despite the recent launch of Textonica and their service, many authors have benefited from the service and published their own voice book.

About Textonica Media LLC
Textonica Media LLC, (aka Textonica) a new startup. The company opened in 2015, based in Teaneck, NJ offers a "vBook- adds sound to your book" service for writers.

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