TG Products Launches Spice Up Your Life Herb Grinder


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2015 -- TG Products is pleased to announce the launch of a new product called Spice Up Your Life Herb Grinder. This feat was achieved due to the company's consistency in producing products that will enable users have a better experience when using the company's product while also enhancing users cooking experiences when cooking culinary dishes. The grinder can grind herbs, tobacco, medicinal herbs and spices.

Since the launch of the grinder, it has been receiving rave of positive reviews, many of which sums up to the awesomeness of the unique and user friendly grinder. A customer had this to say about his experience with the grinder, he said: "This is a fabulous grinder, it will grind just about any spice or tobacco product .It is a four piece unit, it has razor sharp teeth .This will give you the ultimate grind, the screen is fine which allows the finest of product to fall through .We love to grind our own spices, you get a much better and fresher spice. This is also perfect for tobacco, if you choose to use it for this. I truly love my grinder and I am positive you will too". Another customer had this to say: "Whether you grind your own herbs, medicinal herbs, or tobacco, this grinder is perfect for all those uses. Its size makes it easy to be stored with other kitchen utensils. I put mine in the drawer with other kitchen tools and appliances and it stays together every time. Whether you need one for yourself or you're looking to give this as a gift, the Spice Up Your Life Grinder will never disappoint".

Features of the product:

The grinder comes with some unique features that allows it to stand out among competitors. Some of the features are listed below:

- It is strong and robust.
- Comes with a powerful magnetic lid that ensures that there are no spillage and also helps to keep the herbs fresh.
- It has the ability to serve as a 4 piece grinder therefore allowing larger amounts of herbs when preparing culinary dishes.
- Manufactured with aluminum.
- It is very easy to clean.
- Easy to use.
- It is a budget effective product.

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