Thailand Weight Loss Resort Creates Buzz in the Industry

PhuketFit is a revolutionary fitness and weight loss resort that has created quite a buzz in the leading health and fitness industry.


Phuket, Thailand -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2014 -- PhuketFit has helped thousands of people from all over the world with their new detox program that not only cleanses the body but also improves the overall health and fitness. The program is the combination of diet and exercise which helps in relieving stress and keeps the mind and body aligned. The state of the art weight loss resort has all the modern amenities which is a moment away from the beautiful Rawai beach. The detox program is conducted by highly professional experts who have incredible knowledge in this area. The aim of the whole detox program is to identify and alleviate stressors, both internal and external, assist the body to eliminate toxins and restore mental, physical and emotional balance. This program also helps to lose weight in a healthy way and shed the extra pounds in the unwanted region. The program helps to increase metabolism, increase fat oxidation and fight fatigue.

This detox program includes varieties of activities, including (but not limited to) the following:-

- Cleansing Herbs especially formulated for our cleanse program – We use hand selected, freshly dried and ground natural wild-crafted or organic herbal ingredients.

- Capsules are made from glutinous rice powder only. Our dietary supplements are so effective, because their strategically formulated principal herbs are potent healers. Additionally, the proprietary EsogenicsTM vibrational enhancement process works directly with the body’s bio-electrical system to bring about optimum levels of health and wellbeing.

- Yoga and Fitness classes stimulate One's circulation and lymphatic systems, helping their body efforts in releasing toxins. Gentle exercise is also a great way to relieve stress and release tension throughout their entire body.

- Daily traditional Oil Massage by a qualified Thai masseuse. This is a time where One can just relax, and enjoy being pampered. The Thai massage supports their cleanse by helping to release blocked energy channels which quickly alleviates built up stress.

- Yoga Breathwork class is also held once a week and will help One to focus on proper breathing techniques to restore balance.

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About PhuketFit
“At PhuketFit, we will help everyone Kick-start a New Healthy Lifestyle…”

“We are a team of fitness and wellness professionals with specific talents and specialised skills; and we are passionately united in the single belief that we can help one kick-start their new energetic lifestyle.”We use Cleanses, Fitness, Yoga and Health Food to help them achieve their specific goals. All while receiving support from people with similar goals and aspirations.

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