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Thanksgiving Giving - An Alternative to Black Friday Sales

My Identity Doctor will be changing one thing this year in regards to the Black Friday Sales and would like to announce “Thanksgiving Giving”.


Lakewood, CO 80232 -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2014 -- For many decades families have come together for Thanksgiving. Conversing, smiling, laughing and an overall sense of happiness is experienced. People occasionally joke about someone’s cranberry sauce, grandpa falling asleep, and the family dog stealing scraps off of little Jimmy’s Plate. Enjoying family and friends, and just being together is a common and warm welcome to Thanksgiving every year. Another hot topic that seems to hit the conversation list is “are you going to stand in line for Black Friday?” “Any good sales? “, and “When are we/you leaving tomorrow?”, and “Dress warm!”

Black Friday floods the retail stores with crazed shoppers and maddening mayhem. Cold, wet, and sometimes snowy lines form throughout the night, along with people counting their pennies that will be saved on this year’s new TV for uncle Jed. History seems to repeat itself yearly with regard to the Black Friday sales events.

Thanksgiving is a time to be with friends, family, and the ones you love, such as your beloved puppies, kitties and even the house goldfish that always looks like he has something to say but can never quite say it. My Identity Doctor loves this aspect of Thanksgiving and wants to keep this environment of friends and family the same but add a little twist.

My Identity Doctor will be changing one thing this year in regards to the Black Friday Sales and would like to announce “Thanksgiving Giving”.

Thanksgiving Giving isn’t really an alternative to the Black Friday mayhem, but more of an addition and another way to look at Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

This year, My Identity Doctor, who typically offers medical ID bracelets for people with life altering conditions, is donating 40% of all their sales from Thursday (Thanksgiving) – Monday (December 1st) to a young man named Nick.

For some time, you see, Nick has been in the hospital—and this isn’t his first time. He has recently been admitted to the hospital having had a major abdominal surgery. For over a year he has been continually getting sick and doctors believed it was indigestion. However, his family believed otherwise after several doctor visits. They decided to take him to Sky Ridge Medical Center where the doctors found a major blockage in his intestines. This, along with various other health related issues, has racked up this little man’s healthcare expenses.

My Identity Doctor believes that Thanksgiving should be about giving. Sales are great, but giving is greater, and that is what this holiday really stands for. My Identity Doctor helps medical patients by providing custom engraved Diabetes bracelets, Epilepsy bracelets, Alzheimers bracelets, Autism Bracelets and more.

Their website,, has changed overnight to help Nick and his family overcome his medical bills. You can purchase that doctor recommended medical ID for yourself or somebody you love, and at the same time help someone that is in dire need of some cheering up.

My Identity Doctor is known for their custom engraved medical jewelry. A spokesman from the company states; “We have already announced that we will be having various sales on our medical bracelets and we plan on keeping that promise. Due to the recent news of this young man’s request for support we will also be donating 40% of all sales made over the weekend to Nick and his family.” This year you might find a huge sale on that shiny new TV. You may also see some fantastic new pair of jeans for half off and some deep space Lego that are buy one get one free. Some of those deals are too good to pass up, but you can also help yourself or a loved one by purchasing a new medical bracelet and in turn provide the gift of giving to Nick and his family this holiday weekend. My Identity Doctor’s family to your family would like to wish you a happy Thanksgiving.

You may also donate directly to Nick at:

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