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Thaumatin Market 2017–2027 Research Report with Current Trends Analysis

Thaumatin Market: Global Industry Analysis 2012 – 2016 and Opportunity Assessment; 2017 – 2027 Research Report By Future Market Insights


Valley Cottage, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2017 -- Thaumatin is a natural protein and low-calorie flavoring agent physically isolated from berries from a shrub the Katemfe Fruit (Thaumatococcus daniellii). Few proteins from Thaumatin sweeteners family are approximately 2000 times sweeter than sugar. Thaumatin is highly stable to heating, water-soluble and stable under acidic conditions. Thaumatin was firstly discovered by the university of lfe, Nigeria. In recent years, Thaumatin has been widely used in dairy and non-dairy products. In confectionary products, Thaumatin is widely used for hard candied, chocolates and gummies to prolong and improve flavors especially mint, berry, and citrus. Thaumatin provides a sugar kind of taste in combination with polyols and some high-intensity sweeteners and reduces the salt level in savory products. Thaumatin masks astringency and reduces sour flavors or bitterness from low-fat yogurt and soya based desert. The berries are significantly used as a flavor enhancer for centuries wherein some other areas the leaves and stalks are used, and berries are considered as waste. The process of extraction of Thaumatin from fruit is quite expensive so, lots of companies tried to use recombinant DNA technology on the gene which is accountable to produce Thaumatin protein.

Thaumatin Market: Drivers and Restraints

The key driving factors of Thaumatin market are rapid consumption of dairy and non-dairy products and increasing health awareness among consumers across the globe. The macroeconomics factors such as per capita income, emerging economy, changing lifestyle and rapid rate of urbanization which are driving the global Thaumatin market. Another major driving factors of global Thaumatin market are mergers and acquisition among the Thaumatin market players and high investment in food & beverages industry. The market players operate in Thaumatin market can capture high market share by doing forward integration and through the merger with domestic players. The key restraining factor of Thaumatin market is limited availability zone, mostly in West Africa.

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Thaumatin Market: Segmentation

Thaumatin market can be segmented based on end-use industry type, application type and region type globally.

Thaumatin market can be segmented based on end-use industry type as follows:-

Food & Beverage

Thaumatin market can be segmented based on application type as follows:-

Flavoring agent

Thaumatin Market: Segmentation Overview

Thaumatin market segmentation is done by the end-use industry includes the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics, nutraceutical, food and beverages industry and others. Among above-mentioned industry, Food and Beverage account highest market share in global Thaumatin market and is estimated to witness a positive growth over the forecast year. Another segmentation of global Thaumatin market is done based on application types such as flavoring agent, sweetener, and others. Among these mentioned application type, flavoring agent captures high market share in global Thaumatin market. Food and confectionary have been the largest market for Thaumatin for long years.

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Thaumatin Market: Regional Outlook

By the geographies, the global Thaumatin market is segmented into seven regions including Latin America, North America, Japan, Middle East & Africa, WesternEurope, Eastern Europe and Asia-Pacific except Japan. Among the regions, North America is expected to dominate the global Thaumatin market with relatively high growth rate, owing to high demand for food and beverages products. Western Europe is projected to expand at a high growth rate in Thaumatin market followed by North America, attributed to strong health consciousness among consumers across the regions. Thaumatin is widely harvested from the West African forest. Asia-Pacific accounts for relatively high volume share and is expected to expand at the significant growth rate in global Thaumatin market, owing to rapidly growing the population, changing the lifestyle of consumers and rapid rate of urbanization across the region. Overall, the outlook for the global Thaumatin market will have a positive growth over the forecast period, attribute to high demand for organic and healthy food across the globe being a counterfeiting factor.

Few prominent market player of Thaumatin market as follow:-

Beneo Palatinit GmbH
KF Specialty Ingredients Nutraceutical Group
Neptune Bio-Innovations

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