ApplenMicro - Promote People, Businesses and Blogs Through Online Billboard Site


Aiken, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/14/2013 -- The internet is a huge connected chain of link and bits of information where people can share almost anything through the virtual community. A fabulous new way to promote oneself, their business, blog, info. etc. to millions of people all over the world is The Up Dot Com ( which lets people share their interests or information in the form of a billboard where others can view and share their interests and even voice their opinions and suggestions to the users. The Up Dot Come is an innovative way to explore and show the world a person's blog, business or even hobbies. The membership page is free, which acts almost like a hub for controlling the information shared with others. Signing in to the site is very easy and only takes a few minutes to register.

The site provides free exposure for people, businesses, blogs and websites. Targeting the "small business man and woman", promotion, exposure and marketing are keys to success. The more customers that are connected, the more people will be attracted to a person's billboard.

Nowadays social networking has become a holistic marketing technique. The only problem with the internet and most social networks is that if the business is not well known, it will not be able to attract virtual audience. Competing with companies that spend thousands of dollars on their marketing and promotional campaign is something the small fish cannot do. Hence The Up Dot Com allows maximum exposure to such small businesses who work smart by attracting audience with visual finesse. was created for "front paged," positive exposure. Why should businesses harness this potential of the online world? As more and more services and brands grow, they realize that online shopping has become the order of the day, with almost 85% customers browsing through sites to get what they want. Catching the attention of customers requires impeccable service and visually appealing and aesthetic site that will amplify the user's interest in the site, blog, service or product on offer. is easy to use and contains a categorical classification of things so that businesses can use key word association, just like it is used in back links and search engines. Attracting the right target audience becomes easier as membership for is absolutely free. The site allows users to share opinions and even collaborate using different images mutually. The potential gain of customers increases manifold and makes a sure shot way to market and promote small brands and businesses in today's tough competitive world.

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