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The 2-20 Family of Companies Offers a Management Tip Video on RIM and Information Governance


Edison, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/06/2014 -- The 2-20 Family of Companies excels in handling topical issues facing the record and information management industry. Currently, 2-20 has enlisted an industry expert to create an exclusive video that offers project management tips for RIM and Information Governance. This video is designed to educate individuals on best practices in order to help 2-20rm elevate their RIM programs. This type of benefit is simply another value add to further compliment 2-20’s document management, digital solutions, data protection and secure destruction services.

The video can be found on the 2-20 website’s info portal: http://www.2-20rm.com/Info-Portal/ or it can be located on The 2-20 Family of Companies YouTube channel: bit.ly/2-20youtube. The video features 2-20’s Ilona Koti, Certified Records Manager (CRM), Certified Project Manager (PMP) and Certified Document and Image Architect (CDIA+). It provides over ten minutes of expert advice on project management for RIM and information governance. The internationally-known project management expert advises businesses to take even the smallest problems seriously, and address them as projects with definite beginnings and ends in order to document everything, leaving no hidden variables.

“At the 2-20 Family of Companies we believe that keeping our customers educated and providing added value is important,” said Anne Edmondson, Executive Vice President, Marketing.

She continued, “We search out the best in the industry and then ask them to provide education on trending topics in the area of RIM and Information Governance. Ilona is our resident expert, and she is right on the pulse of the End-User. She is also available on our website by selecting ‘Ask the Expert’, where she answers very company-specific questions.

Edmondson concluded, “The greater the value we provide, the better we serve our customers. That is ultimately our objective and from the response we have received from this video segment, our educational objectives are being achieved.”

In the latter part of the video Ilona discusses how to split projects into phases using the “IPEMC” method: Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring and Closing. With these phases clearly drawn out, working with vendors will be much easier, as businesses will be able to outline concisely the work being done, the time needed and the requirements upon the budget. After these are all lined out, companies and contractors can act accordingly.

Koti emphasizes “do what you do best, and outsource the rest.” Businesses can benefit greatly by using their project management skills to assess their strengths and weaknesses. They can then focus on their core competency and then utilize companies such as the 2-20 Family of Companies for other needs, such as document management. This approach allows businesses to excel at their expertise while the outsourced components are handled with an equivalent expert approach.

Additionally, the video pays close attention to risk assessment. Sometimes risk has to be taken, and in order to discern whether or not this is the case, risk assessment can be split into 4 options: Avoid the risk, Transfer the risk, eliminate the risk, or accept the risk. Risk assessment is important to every business, especially those that may have to establish themselves overseas or in dangerous countries.

The 2-20 Family of Companies offers services in document storage, digital solutions, data protection, document shredding and health information management. Through their full suite of Smart Storage Solutions®, 2-20 provides services throughout the United States that are compliant, secure and cost effective. Individuals seeking proven, efficient and affordable record and information management, contact The 2-20 Family of Companies today at 732.348.5599.

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The 2-20 Family of Companies provide Smart Storage Solutions® including Document Storage, Health Information Management, Digital Solutions, Data Protection and Secure Document Shredding throughout the United States.

2-20 Family of Companies are composed of the Arizona Record Storage Center (http://www.azfile.com/), their Certified Records Management (http://www.flacrm.com/), “Storetrieve” (http://www.storetrieve.net/) and their InfoStore Records Management (http://www.infostorerm.com/). All of these departments work together to deliver efficient, reliable RIM and Document Destruction services.

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