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The 2-20 Family of Companies Releases Blog That Informs Patients of Medical Record Identity Theft


Edison, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2014 -- The 2-20 Family of Companies is pleased to announce that they have released a blog that informs patients of medical record identity theft. Medical institutions go through many lengths in order to protect their patients’ medical records. Patients do not often consider the ramifications of identity theft, as it relates to the information of their medical records. In a recent blog posted by the 2-20 Family of Companies, the RIM industry’s leading HIPAA Compliance Trainer, Tom Dumez, informs readers of the patient’s perspective on why they should understand how identity theft affects them when a criminal steals medical record information. The entire blog can be read at: http://smartstoragesolutions.wordpress.com/2013/08/02/id-theft-and-medical-records/.

In the blog, Dumez points out the medical ID theft can cost a patient, thousands of dollars, stress and ruined credit. These negative affects do not account for the loss of health coverage that can ruin one’s life. Dumez also went into detail about how identity theft is usually perpetrated by an organized group of thieves, and not one individual by him/herself. He wrote that sometimes, identity theft involving patients’ medical records involve physicians.

The blog addresses how big of an issue identity theft of medical records is in the United States. A recent report from the Office of Civil Rights pointed out that medical record identity thefts have jumped 61.5 percent last year. Since October 2009, approximately 64,150 data breaches occurred throughout the nation.

To end the blog on a high note, Dumez listed some ways patients can avoid being a victim of medical ID theft. Dumez wrote that patients can monitor insurance benefits, examine their explanation of benefits (EOB), check medical records, appeal refusals, protect their credit, correct inaccurate medical records and file a police report if identity theft is suspected. For more information about record management, please visit the 2-20 Family of Companies website or call 732-348-5599 to speak with a company representative.

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