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The 85% Man and Lessons from Lucille: Straight-Talking New Book Compels Readers to 'Love Long and Prosper.'

Written by media whiz Bob Mack Peak and diving into the true facets of his own extraordinary life, ‘The 85% Man and Lessons from Lucille’ fuses fact and fiction for a bold look at the differences between men and women. After gripping his audience with humorous quips and raw advice, Peak invites readers to visit his website to ‘score their man.’ It’s a journey through the ups and downs of relationships that nobody can afford to miss.

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Palo Alto, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2013 -- Known to his audiences for his frank honesty and quick wit, Bob Mack Peak holds true to his reputation on every page of his powerful new book. ‘The 85% Man and Lessons from Lucille: The Ultimate Guide to Love Long and Prosper’ is an entertaining and insightful journey through the highs and lows of relationships—taking its cues directly from Peak’s gifted yet uncommon life.


The 85% Man and Lessons from Lucille is Bob Mack Peak’s well-crafted, uplifting, heart-felt romantic epic—a lighthearted look at differences between men and women. Peak validates the open proposition "Everything my mother told me about women is true...and I can prove it." The book’s flowing narrative offers the reader a delightful journey toward discovering life's truest reward—unconditional love.

The book finds a parallel and rampart through the life of the author’s parents, a part of The Greatest Generation. Raised during the hardships of the Great Depression, they built a terrific life with beloved children, yet suffered terrible losses toward the end of their lives. Readers who adore the films Terms of Endearment or The Help, will fall in love with Peak’s book.

Peak offers guidelines rather than rules to help women, men, and couples to “Love Long and Prosper.” The 85% Man is uniquely different from similar books of the relationship, self-help and romantic genres written by a plethora of PhD’s and various authors. Peak draws upon personalized experiences supported by the timeless, sage advice of the author’s mother, Lucille. This book will help readers achieve a useful perspective on what’s genuine in life and love.

While humorous, the author makes it clear that his book offers a wealth of very real and tangible propositions.

“It reads very much like the dialogue to a scary movie. You're at the top of the stairs and the lights don't work. You think there's something down there for you, while your mother's in the audience yelling, ‘Don't go down there.’ Against her advice, you go anyway. At the bottom of the stairs you turn, and it's the monster your mother warned you about. The theme of the book follows Lucille's lessons, and my many missteps, to guide the reader so they don't go down into the dark alone,” says Peak, Founder of the global media company Beamit Communications.

He continues, “Each chapter of the book begins with a pearl of wisdom from Lucille; these in themselves can help readers discover what is genuine in life and love. After finishing the book everyone is invited to the 85% Man website to take advantage of the interactive ‘Score Your Man’ feature. Visitors can learn how their man stacks up against the 85% Man and discover ‘WWLS’ (What Would Lucille Say).”

Peak spreads his wisdom far beyond the world of literature. He has performed stand-up comedy at various venues, and produced numerous TV and radio commercials, videos, and screenplays, and is the creator and producer of the YouTube videos ‘Vinnie the Talking Dog & The 85% Man,’ introducing ‘The Mafia Kitties.’

‘The 85% Man and Lessons from Lucille: The Ultimate Guide to Love Long and Prosper’ is available now on Amazon, Kindle, Audible.com and iTunes. The audio version is narrated by multi-talented opera singer and voice over talent Mike Chadwick.

For more information, visit: http://www.85percentman.com.

About the Author: Bob Mack Peak
The oldest of six Air Force brats, talented, humorous, and inspirational writer Bob Mack Peak has lived a rare life. Educated in Europe and fifteen US states, he was reared in the art of storytelling eavesdropping on Grandpa Mack’s Friday night poker games, listening to his father’s WWII exploits…and absorbing wisdom from his mother, Lucille. Peak’s college years were not unlike Animal House, and his youth in El Paso, Texas, gave him a valuable perspective depicted in many coming-of-age movies. Peak’s career led him to London and Los Angeles, working with Paramount Pictures and Universal Studios. In 1990, Peak created Beamit Communications to deliver 3D animation, commercial videos, and entertainment websites. Peak lives on a ranch in Portola Valley, CA with his 85% Woman. Read more about the author.