The Ability for Recruiters to Access New Skills Is Crucial, New Report Reveals


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2016 -- The recent 'Barometer on Change' report from consultancy group Moorhouse is set to have big implications on both recruitment and rec to rec; as indicates that sourcing additional skill is of increasing importance to business progress strategies.

Going into 2016, companies are making the greatest attempts to ensure their workforces are as highly-functioning and efficient as possible. This matters as the included survey showed that 97% of company board members raised the point that unless they could gain access to new skills, then their ability to deliver successful strategies would be significantly compromised. This has in turn led to a focus on effective recruiters covering all the necessary bases; playing an essential role in skills selection.

The survey involved 200 respondents with backgrounds in major UK public sector organizations, including multinationals. Having access to good quality recruiters is crucial at this level, as industry expert and rec to rec agency GSR2R are well aware.

They were keen to comment in light of the recent report:

"The 'Barometer on Change' report emphasizes how big businesses are prioritizing good skill-sets more than ever when selecting people to work with them and develop business strategy. It matters that this is executed to the highest standard; so having a good recruiter as well as a quality recruitment system in place, with a skill-driven focus, really matters. This is something we help to implement, with our expertise across industries, here at GSR2R."

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