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The Academy of Natural Health Sciences Is Offering a Pet Nutrition Program


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2013 -- New online Cat, Dog and Pet Nutrition Training Program provides animal lovers an option to maximize the health of these animals and enhance their athletic capabilities and if desired become a professional pet nutrition consultant. Such a program is suitable for a pet owner, animal trainer, or an individual who wants to become a professional nutritionist for animals. Individuals have the choice of enrolling in an online program that allows them to communicate with their trainers via email messages and phone calls. They receive various materials and other resources that cover a wide range of topics on pet health. Students have to undergo a grading procedure conducted by expert instructors after they complete the entire study material, which does not have any pre-determined time period for completion.

Whether a health conscious pet owner, trainer, or a person who aspires to become a nutrition professional in the field of animal careers, the Academy has the animal nutrition program that can make that dream a reality

The pet nutrition programs are fun to do and the home-study learning process couldn't be simpler. The student communicates with his or her teacher by e-mail. The student is sent a series of testing materials that are based on popular pet health books. Once completed (there is no time limit) the student returns them to the Academy for grading by expert instructors.

Upon successful completion of the Canine pet nutrition program, the student will be awarded the Academy’s 100-Hour Canine Nutrition Certificate. Students can apply their Canine Nutrition tuition to the Academy's Clinical Pet Nutritionist® program.

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