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The Acryden: Adventurous Intergalactic Web Comic Announces Print Release

Created by Stacy Hummel and Art Schiskey, ‘The Acryden’ sees a team of unlikely heroes travel across the universe in order to stop a major intergalactic catastrophe. After a hugely-profitable Kickstarter campaign, the mature Sci-Fi graphic novel has made it to press and has set its co-ordinates for global acclaim.


Douglasville, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2013 -- While ‘The Acryden’ has ranked at the top of global web comic charts for over a decade, its creators are delighted to announce volume one of its print release following a profitable Kickstarter campaign.

‘The Acryden, Volume 1: Demons and Runaways’ has been in the making for thirteen years and is poised to garner an equally-loyal offline fan base. Readers will find themselves transported to a universe filled with demons, aliens, charmed items and charming characters.


The Acryden- a dangerous magical item- has once again come into existence. Nikura- a rooted yet headstrong princess- decides to be the first to obtain the artifact and protect her treasure-hunting brother from its evil power. Armed with only her stubbornness and a shape-shifting dragon, she sets out on a journey across the galaxy in search of the ancient artifact. When the Acryden's powers are accidentally unleashed, the ancient magic proves more powerful than anyone could have imagined, and the destinies of those involved are about to change forever.

The story does not revolve around one main protagonist, but rather is a decentralized narrative that encompasses many major characters, each reappearing and making the comic a well-stitched tale that weaves through their tangled adventures. The blue-haired Sahardian senator, Krylan Zephira; the libidinous Regent of Kalaterra, Lady Mezuki; the rooted but headstrong princess, Nikura and her foxy shape-shifting dragon guardian, Arukimo are only a few of the comic’s amusing and exploratory figures.

“I couldn’t help but fall in love with Arukimo. All of the characters became a lovely bombshell every Friday,” says Kyra Soleil, a fan of the graphic novel. Others have expressed the comic as “daring and droll”, “naturally impelling” and (pun-warning) “out of this world.”

“It’s a graphic novel and therefore is intended for mature audiences with some lascivious illustrations. It’s amazing that this project started as a hobby back in 2001 and has now grown to become a major part of both our lives and the lives of our fans,” says Hummel.

Continuing, “As things really started to take off, Art and I decided to launch a publishing company and hence Bound Time Media was born. We want to show other aspiring artists that you don't have to be picked up by large publishing firms to be successful and that the most important thing is getting your story out into the world.”

The Acryden: Volume 1 – Demons and Runaways is a 178 page Graphic Novel, 6x9 in Full Color, published by Bound Time Media, USA at the retail price of $24.99.

For more information, visit: http://acryden.com.

About the Creators: Stacy Hummel and Art Schiskey
Stacy Hummel and Art Schiskey both grew up in upstate New York, where they met in 1998. Stacy attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh online division. Schiskey came up with the idea for The Acryden, based on a few of Stacy’s sketches. The couple moved to Georgia in 2007, where they currently reside in Douglasville with their two year-old son, Maiken. They officially founded Bound Time Media in September 2013, and have high hopes for the company.