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The Addict's Loop: Life-Changing New Book Exposes New Model for Understanding Codependence and Addiction - Is Addiction Created Unconsciously?

The result of a fifteen-year research project by Rene Eram, ‘The Addict’s Loop’ describes in lay mans terms and uses a workbook format to explore a ground-breaking new model of addiction and codependence, while offering a proven nine-step road map to recovery. Eram’s research into the root cause of codependence and addiction uncovered the ‘controller’ and the ‘dependent’; two inherited and unconscious survival roles that exist in addicts. Eram’s compelling work explains how these two roles attract each other to breed a destructive codependent relationship and create addiction in the addict's unconscious. The book is already saving readers’ lives and garnering praise from coast to coast.


Idyllwild, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2014 -- There’s no way not to put it bluntly; addiction and codependent relationships tear families to pieces and destroy the lives of those embroiled in their grip. While mainly misunderstood and ignored, the root causes of both addiction and codependence are coming into plausible new light following one U.S. man’s research and subsequent book.

Rene Eram’s ‘The Addict’s Loop’ unravels the deep mechanics of codependent relationships and addiction, while also offering a concrete nine-step plan to recovery. However, this isn’t simply a recycle of existing concepts; Eram’s discovery is wholly-unique and has uncovered two inherent ‘roles’ that, while adopting them is beyond anyone’s control, they unconsciously attract and destroy our core relationships and create addiction.


What is codependence, really? What creates addiction? Why am I attracted to the same codependent relationships over and over again? Why can't I stay sober? Why do I keep hurting or getting hurt by the people I love? How do my relationships affect my addiction? These questions and many more are answered in The Addict's Loop. The Addict's Loop uncovers and describes a new model for understanding codependent relationships and how they create and fuel addiction. It is also a workbook with nine steps toward recovery. There are examples, tools, writing exercises and solutions that heal codependent relationships and counter condition addiction patterns.

“The first thing most do is blame addicts and those battling codependence and addiction. I can prove that it’s all in the unconscious , it starts as a choice and then transitions into unconscious patterns or the addict's loop” explains Eram. “I have found two inherited roles in most addicts– ‘the controller’ and ‘the dependent’. The controller role is programmed to rescue and enable the dependent and the dependent has been programmed to be needy, broken and entitled and needs the controller to rescue and save them. The addict unconsciously recreates a self rescue mission in it's own unconscious, between these two codependent roles. Most individuals have one codependent role and are completely unaware of their inherited codependence. When they form a union, the destructive addict's loop plays out in dramatic fashion as so many of us have witnessed in life.”

Continuing, “It all begins in childhood, even though the problems often don’t come to fruition until someone reaches their teen and adult years. Ultimately, my discovery explains why our society’s addictions, disorders, illnesses, divorce and crime rates are so high. We truly are plagued by these addictive and codependent relationships. It has taken me many years to design a detailed way out.”

To date, the book has garnered rave reviews. Lill comments, “The Addict's Loop showed me a clarity that I've never experienced before. How to rise above the muddled feelings and see it clearly. Showed me what to look for, what to stay away from and how to rise above it. I am already feeling better about my future with this book guiding my way. I've been on this loop for way too long. My favorite part is that the addict rotates. What a revelation! Geez-I've SEEN myself do it. Couldn't stop it. So I just got out of the relationship thing...just gave up. I'm so excited to try a new relationship and apply these principles!”

Michael McGuire adds, “After reading the book and using the workbook I discovered patterns in my relationships that I never new existed. I have noticed behaviors that have kept repeating themselves, similar to the addicts loop that is described in the book. I am not addicted to any substances but realized that there was a similar arc of behavior in my relationships. The workbook was particularly helpful to identify the controller - dependent roles in my family history and how those feelings have rippled through my life . It made me realize how much of what is going on in my relationships have such a large unconscious component.”

‘The Addict’s Loop’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1kzvEft.

About Rene Eram
Rene Eram is a writer and filmmaker who for the past 15 years focused on researching the root causes of addiction and codependence. His personal quest (including 26 years of sobriety and counselor training) has led to the development of a new model of addiction and codependence that is easy to understand. Rene has taught his addiction and codependence model and solutions in a series of original workshops in recovery environments. His goal is to help alleviate the disconnection and suffering caused by insidious codependent relationships and explain how unconscious codependence creates addiction.