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The Advantages of a Shotcrete Pool Installation from Carlton Pools


Warminster, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/26/2019 -- When homeowners decide that they want a concrete swimming pool, the next important decision is the question of which company should install it. Carlton Pools installs pools made of shotcrete with wet mix gunite, a material that comes with several attributes homeowners can get excited about.

Concrete is strong, and can be made even more durable with a finish. Carlton Pools offers plaster, aggregate, and aquaBRIGHTâ„¢ finishes, the latter of which is polymer-based and makes the surface of the pool extra smooth.

Speaking of smooth, the installation process will go smoothly thanks to Carlton Pools' emphasis on quality service. For example, the company provides two days' worth of rock removal during excavation, whereas most companies would charge homeowners extra if this process were deemed necessary.

Another advantage of shotcrete with wet mix gunite is the ability to construct a pool with virtually any geometric shape. Carlton Pools offers more than a dozen pre-designed shape options, but are happy to create custom designs to incorporate the ideas of homeowners. These pools are also flexible when it comes to the features and surrounding amenities they can have. Patio space, waterfalls, fire rings, fountains, and lighting are just a few of the added conveniences and luxuries that can make a pool even better.

And after the installation is complete, Carlton Pools can help keep a pool functioning well and looking beautiful year after year, thanks to their renovation services. Whether it's concrete pool resurfacing or the installation of UV/Ozone Systems, contact Carlton Pools for all things related to pool installations and renovations.

About Carlton Pools
Carlton Pools is a construction company that builds in-ground pools for both commercial and residential customers. The company has over 45 years of experience in pool engineering. Serving the Tri-state area, Carlton Pools provides pool renovation services and also retails pool products, and a team of highly-trained technicians tend to their clients' pool needs with outstanding customer service. The company operates using an experienced approach that eliminates the hassle of pool maintenance.

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