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The Adventures of Billy, Ras, and AL - New Children's Book Promotes Multicultural Acceptance and Harmonious Living.

Written to promote acceptance and harmony among children, Albert Simpson’s new children’s book is proving an inspirational tool to families up and down the country.


Memphis, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2012 -- With a passion for enhancing the reading skills of children through fun, well-illustrated and moralistic stories, writer Albert Simpson is delighted to announce his new children’s book.

‘The Adventures of Billy, Ras and Al’ develops so much more than reading and comprehension skills. Steeped with positive role models, admirable influence and displays of good character, the book is poised to inspire change in hundreds of thousands of children.

The multi-culture children’s book tells the story of a little boy and his wonderful pets – a dog and goat. The story depicts how humans and animals (mainly pets) can be great companions, sharing tremendous love and compassion.

At its core, the book also demonstrates how children of all races and nationalities can play together in harmony.

As the author explains, the book has been released at a vital time.

“Sadly, there is still a large amount of segregation and racial unrest in the Deep South,” says Simpson.

He continues, “I hope that my book sends a strong message of the importance of multiculturalism, love and acceptance. It’s the only way forward for both our country and the world.”

While primarily written for children aged between three and twelve years, Simpson’s story book is proving popular with the entire family.

“Feedback is showing that a lot of parents value the book very highly. Therefore, many are choosing to read it together with their children. The fact that it is also bringing families together for a common purpose is a double benefit by my standards. I am delighted,” he adds.

In light of this, Simpson is interested in meeting groups and young readers from libraries, schools and community organizations. Interested parties are asked to make direct contact.

In the meantime, The Adventures of Billy, Ras and Al – published by AuthorHouse – is available from: http://bit.ly/VpyglY

For more information, please visit the author’s official website; http://www.albertsimpsonsbooks4kids.com

About the author, in his own words:
I'm originally from Memphis Tennessee. As boy growing up, I always had pets, birds, rabbits, dogs, and goats.

My favorites were dogs and goats. I'm a retired Air Force veteran, and a graduate of Golden Gate University. After leaving the Air Force I worked for NASA and E-Systems in direct support of the space shuttle program. I'm now a retired Financial Planner and previous owner of a small bookstore.

I've developed a passion for writing and contributing in some way to the education and development of our children. I try to write from real life experiences. This is my first book in a series. I'm currently in the process of writing my second book in the series. My motivation is to write meaningful fun story books that enhance kids desire to read, and be enjoyable for entire family.

Although I've traveled around the world, and met people of various cultures and backgrounds, I returned home and now reside with my family in Memphis, Tennessee.