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The AIM Process: Acclaimed New Book Provides Functional and Systematic Framework to Produce Actionable Consumer and Shopper Insights

Written by veteran consumer/marketing researcher, Paul Conner, ‘The AIM Process: A Systematic, Stepwise Procedure for Improving the Actionability of Marketing Research’ addresses the destructive purpose-process disconnect in most organizations’ consumer and shopper research efforts. Through the renowned, heavily-tested, step-by-step AIM Process™, any company can design and conduct marketing research that will produce results from which concrete action can be taken.


St. Louis, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2014 -- While gathering information about target markets and customers is vital to the decision making of any company or organization, most research professionals find themselves steeped in results but with little knowledge of how to use them. This ‘disconnect’ in the industry is thankfully being addressed by veteran researcher Paul Conner, in a powerful new book that can be put to use in any industry.

‘The AIM Process: A Systematic, Stepwise Procedure for Improving the Actionability of Marketing Research’ has a simple goal – to help marketing professionals design and execute research with results that automatically identify actionable next steps.


The AIM Process efficiently and effectively provides a functional solution for a fundamental challenge that exists in marketing research - making it actionable. As the book describes, the challenge is created by a purpose-process disconnect. The process typically used to design and conduct marketing research is disconnected from its primary purpose, supporting marketing decisions and actions (i.e., Applications).

In a systematic, stepwise procedure, The AIM Process serves as an invaluable manual for marketing researchers and their internal and external clients to work together in designing and conducting marketing research that provides solid direction in making decisions from its results.

“The disconnect I have identified is something of an epidemic in today’s marketing research world,” says Conner, founder of Emotive Analytics and a seasoned speaker. “A successful marketing research campaign starts at the design phase and doesn’t end until the organization has implemented changes or improvements as determined by the results. However, a large percentage of campaigns end after results have been collected, as marketers become lost or unclear on what to actually do with the results they’re sitting on. This is a huge waste of money and resources.”

Continuing, “The AIM process ensures that what to do with the research is automatically evident from the results. It can be adapted to any company in any industry and, due to its step-by-step nature, you don’t have to be a thoroughbred marketing research guru to understand it. Plug up your disconnect today.”

To date, reviews for the book have been overwhelmingly positive. Steve Quirk, President and Publisher of Quirk's Marketing Research Review, comments, "The AIM Process, by Paul Conner, is an excellent example of a simple, clear and logical process to establish a pathway to actionable research. Paul’s disciplined, step-by-step instructions address the common challenges of market research and give researchers a guide to ensure that the research they conduct ultimately meets the needs of their clients and businesses."

Shopper Insights Specialist, Kathy McDonough, adds, “The AIM Process is a distinct approach to craft research in a manner that delivers effective, actionable insights. I have adopted this practice over the years in Consumer Research and Shopper Insights roles. It has helped me elevate both the value and quality of research which I have contributed to my organizations. This technique helps provoke a different way of thinking about research to glean true insights which can help support and drive real business decisions that can lead to positive, measurable results.”

‘The AIM Process: A Systematic, Stepwise Procedure for Improving the Actionability of Marketing

Research’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1goYa74.

For more information, visit: http://www.theaimprocess.com.

About Paul Conner
Paul Conner has been a consumer/marketing researcher since 1982 serving a variety of businesses and working for all company types—agency, client, and supplier. In 2004 he founded Emotive Analytics, a consumer research firm devoted to assessing the emotional dynamics of consumer behavior. Mr. Conner’s works and thinking have been published in Quirk’s, QRCA Views, and Marketing News as cover stories and articles on topics such as consumer emotions, behavioral economics, and research design. Furthermore, he has spoken at AMA, QRCA, IFT, Path to Purchase Institute, Design & Emotion Society, and CTAM conferences and events.