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The All Eye Care Doctors Debunk Misconceptions About Pink Eye


Cambridge, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2019 -- All Eye Care Doctors proudly provides patients near Cambridge and Medford, MA, with prescription eyewear that they need to see the world clearly. But that's not all they do — the organization also treats ocular diseases, thanks to their experienced staff of eye-care experts! One of the most common conditions handled by the All Eye Care Doctors is conjunctivitis, more commonly referred to as "pink eye." There's no need to panic about pink eye, but there are many misconceptions about this contagious condition.

Many people think that children are the only ones who can contract conjunctivitis, but that's just not true. Little kids are more likely to catch pink eye than mature adults, but it's mainly because of their behavior and hygiene habits. In other words, kids like to pick stuff up off the ground, and they rub their eyes more — but they also wash their hands less than adults.

Additionally, the fact that conjunctivitis is generally a mild condition leads many to believe that it doesn't require a doctor's visit, or that there are no treatments available. However, professional medical treatment may be needed for individuals who are dealing with more severe cases of conjunctivitis. Unfortunately, no one can develop immunity to pink eye — it's not like chickenpox. People can, however, take preventative measures to avoid scenarios that increase their risk of contracting the disease.

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