The All-New Cheat Day App: Guaranteed to Help Users Kill Their Junk Food Cravings


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2013 -- A new iPhone health and fitness application has just been released which helps dieters maintain a healthy nutrition program. The Cheat Day App allows users to become more successful in their efforts by utilizing the popular diet concept of a‘cheat day’.

The Cheat Day App allows users to keep track of their 'Cheat Days' by taking pictures of the foods which tempt them during the week to help delay actually eating them. By keeping track of their junk food cravings, The Cheat Day App helps users delay their eating urges, and encourages them to indulge when their Cheat Day arrives, but not before. The application utilizes the concept of ‘journaling’ one’s food intake as a means to keep themselves on track, which has been proven as a successful tool in supporting fitness and nutrition goals.

This easy-to-use photo app is great for users who partake in the Slow Carb diet or other diets that utilize a Cheat Day once per week. The Cheat Day App's week-by week photo log can also be turned into a collage which can easily be shared via social media or email. It also contains the latest cheat day and diet resources.

Cheat Day App is an iPhone application now available in the Apple app store for $1.99. Promo codes are available, please email You can find out more information with screen shots and a video trailer at

Julian Aaron
Cheat Day App