The Allmax Isoflex Protein Provides Excellent Nutritional Profile

One of the more efficient whey protein isolate in the market


Vancouver, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/16/2012 -- The Active8Canda website has announced the launch of its online marketing for Allmax Isoflex protein, a whey isolate that is aimed at the fitness buff section of the population. The website provides all the required description of this product and also sells it. Allmax Isoflex is a protein powder that has a really good macronutrient level, something that is popular among fitness buffs and athletes as well. As a part of the product, people will get 27 grams worth of whey protein isolate. This is really effective for people who are aiming at building more body muscle. The whey proteins also have a high level of glutamine and BCAA concentrate in their goods, which is definitely beneficial. The Allmax Isoflex comes with 4 deliver systems, all of which are highly advanced. There is a microfiltration unit that provides for processing of cold temperature as well.

All these technicalities aside, the Allmax Isoflex is whey protein that has 0 grams of fat. It only has one gram worth of sugar and carbohydrate, separately. It is only 2% lactose as well, so that there is no lactic acid build up among those who are trying to build muscle. The Isoflex also comes in 6 flavours, so people do not have to give up on taste when switching to healthy food either. It does not contain any aspartame as well and it is completely free of any peanuts (except for the peanut butter chocolate flavoured ones).

The flavouring of the drinks is what separates the Allmax Isoflex from all the other drinks, even those that offer similar nutritional value. The chocolate flavour boasts of actual choco chips present in it and the strawberry flavour comes with actual strawberry. In fact, there are claims that eating the peanut butter chocolate flavour really seems like eating Reeseā€™s Pieces. When it comes to maintaining the taste of the whey protein isolate, nothing beats Allmax Isoflex.

Through Active8Canada, people will be able to know more about the Allmax Isoflex, including product description, nutritional value, benefits and drawbacks. They can opt to purchase the product from the same website, once they are done analysing the product. For this purpose, people should visit page or contact Ethan Kyung for more information.