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The Alternative Is Proud to Host the Event: Can Brands Be Trusted to Take a Larger Role in Big Society


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/17/2012 -- What will happen if we don’t restore the trust in politicians and big businesses? What would the consequence be if we all continue to be cynical about the motives of government and brands?

It’s hard not to be cynical these days. Hardly a week goes by when a big business hasn’t confessed to mis-selling, rigging deals or politicians taking back-handers or failing to abide by their own rules. Trust in CEO’s and politicians is at an all time low as documented by Edelman in their annual report The Trust Barometer

Nick Howard, Head of Employee Engagement at Edelman will be talking about the findings at our event. Explaining the state we are in and what is to be done.

Bob Thust from Deloitte and Brian Bannister from PwC will also be speaking at the event explaining what they are doing to regain trust and how they have been involved in ‘doing good’. In particular how they have moved away from CSR and towards social enterprise often on a local level. Getting employees involved with ‘doing good’ and reaping the benefits internally as well as improving the areas they work in.

Sue Unerman from MediaCom, Co-Author of the book Tell The Truth, will be talking about why truth is so important to brands when they market themselves. And how, somewhere, brands lost their way in the simplest of tasks, truth.

As well as speakers we will as be having a panel debate on the motion - Can today’s brands act in anything other than their own self interest?

Diana Verde Nitro, CEO of Positive Luxury, will explain how she believes not just can companies do good they must behave responsibly. Her company awards brands the Blue Butterfly Mark if they behave ethically and she was nominated for Young Global leader in 2011.

James Woudhuysen, Professor of Forecasting and Innovation from De Montfort University believes however awful government is and it is, at least they are accountable. The answer lies in innovation and investment in the economy.

This event will discuss and debate these issues. Get them out in the open and ask ‘what is the way forward’. The economy cannot operate without trust.

Hope you can join us on the 26th September To find out more or sign up, click here -

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