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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/28/2012 -- Founded in 2005, Kyani holds the secret of healthy living through Blueberry & Sockeye Salmon from the amazing land of Alaska and through a company they acquired they have also have an all natural and powerful noni concentrate nitric oxide solution to helping your body heal itself. Kirk Hansen and Carl Taylor are the two pillars behind the success of Kyani and the professionalism of Michael Breshears who is the CEO at Kyani as also contributed to its success.

Kyani products were officially launched in the market in 2007 and since then they have been sharing the amazing benefits of wild blueberry and sockeye salmon from Alaska to the whole world. These wild blueberries hold the secret to healthy living. One can find the best nitric oxide supplements at Kyani. Years and years of research and hard work by the entire Kyani team resulted in them bringing the amazing Kyani products to market. Their observations and research work were done on the tribes of Alaska and found that they had the natural curing and healing ingredients to illness and other medical problems in wild blueberry.

It has been a medically proven fact that the wild blueberry of Alaska and Sockeye Salmon has been effectively used for curing illnesses and now the same magic is adopted by Kyani, and Kyani products are extensively used for treating ill health.

The founders and leaders behind the establishment of Kyani believed in health and wellness of everyone around the globe, and with this vision they created Kyani products and not only did they improve the health of people all around but also gave them the opportunity to have financial success.

These food supplements have been lab tested and have done wonders to the people all across the globe. One can find hundreds of Kyani products online with their complete descriptions and they also list the price one could purchase them at. One can even become partners at Kyani by becoming a distributor anywhere in the world and with bulk purchasing at wholesale rates, anyone can start a business of their own.

Kyani products have anti-oxidants that fight diseases and omega 3s that are extremely good for the cardio. The products are enriched with minerals and proteins which help the body to fight effectively against internal damages and illness.

“Kyani offers great wellness products at a very reasonable rate and these have a magical effect on human body”, says Dr Stevens from New Jersey.

“I had a bad immune system as a child and no medicine or diet helped me. Kyani products did wonders to my health and now I have a great and a healthy lifestyle”, says Barbara.

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