The Ambassador of JOY Welcomes Leading Growth Influencers to VoiceAmerica

Barry Shore welcomes thought leaders, growth specialists, and masterminds Chris Burns and Petia Kolibova to talk tactics and actionable steps to Success and JOY


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2019 -- VoiceAmerica, the leader in online media broadcasting and the largest producer and distributor of live internet talk radio, today announced the upcoming show "Learn, Grow, THRIVE" interview with Barry Shore and growth process specialists Chris Burns and Petia Kolibova as they discuss ways and means to create value and abundance. The episode which played live on VoiceAmerica.com on Tuesday, April 23rd can be found at www.barryshore.com, and on VoiceAmerica at https://www.voiceamerica.com/show/3826.

The Ambassador of JOY and VoiceAmerica Host Barry Shore commented "The JOY of LIVING show and podcast is always about YOU and enabling you to become the best YOU possible." This week the show welcomes the Dynamic Duo Chris and Petia, of the Burn And Learn Now program. Prepare Yourself for an intensive session that will bring You powerful, purposeful, positive actionable techniques. You are going to be deeply involved in the path that Chris and Petia will be defining.

Barry added "Very few people can speak to this growth process better than Chris and Petia. They electrify audiences throughout the world via the web and in person. Don't miss a moment of this fantastic interaction. You'll be glad You did. And You'll be sharing this with everyone You know. ENJOY!"

About Chris Burns
Chris Burns is the host of Becoming Your Greatest Possible Self™ a weekly 12-hour live-streamed Marathon & Podcast. Over the last 2 years, Chris has conducted more than 500 interviews of inspirational role models, influencers and leaders. He is the Chief Growth Officer with Burn It Up Coaching Inc. Clients hire Chris Burns to help them start or grow their own online show (or podcast) and enable them to step into their Greatest Possible Self,™ and achieve higher levels of personal and professional performance. He also runs mastermind groups. Since hitting rock bottom at an early age, and bouncing back stronger than ever, now as a motivational speaker, AKA Mr. "Heart Fire" Chris speaks on stages across the United States. He was a featured speaker and master of ceremonies at the "Meant for More" live event held in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 27, 2019. For more information about the live event please visit www.MeantForMore.Live.

About Petia Kolibova
Petia Kolibova is a Women's Transformation Coach, the owner of http://www.BeStrongMinded.com and Host of "The Inner Beauty with Petia Kolibova." She helps corporate women who have been pushed down and have been playing small, due to toxic relationships or childhood trauma they never healed from in their past, breakthrough limiting beliefs to create a life that is true to them and their soul's purpose.

Her mission is to help women who are on the path to heal from their past wounds, move through their internal blocks so they can finally do what they want to do… what feels good to them – serve other women in a powerful way. To learn more about working with Petia please visit www.BeStrongMinded.com She is also the Founder and Creator of the "Meant For More" live event held in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 27, 2019. For more information about the live event please visit www.MeantForMore.Live

About Barry Shore
Barry Shore is The Ambassador of JOY. Barry is focused on transforming the giving space with his mission to make every day giving effortless and his big hairy audacious goal to facilitate the giving of one billion dollars without costing any giver a penny. A successful serial entrepreneur he had a brief retirement at age 33, and then returned to business and built an innovative process in 1999 that enabled faxes to be sent and received via email to 17 countries for FREE. Barry had two patents and built a company that sold for more than $10 million dollars and the acquirer is today a $4 Billion company.

On September 17, 2004, Barry became a quadriplegic overnight from a rare neurological disease (GBS). His journey since to regain mobility caused him to GO MAD: Go Make A Difference and build the system that enables giving at no cost. He is the Founder of the KEEP SMILING Movement which has distributed more than 1.2 MILLION KEEP SMILING Cards throughout the world. Visit him for many FREE Beneficial things at WWW.barryshore.com .

Barry is also the Founder of the MOL (Minute of Love) Podcast and his show The JOY of LIVING can also be heard on iHeartRadio. With intensive therapy he has become an avid swimmer (2 miles per day, 6 times per week) and has accumulated enough miles over 9 years to swim from his home in Venice, California to Shanghai, China. https://www.voiceamerica.com/show/3826

About VoiceAmerica
VoiceAmerica is the original digital broadcast company for the production and delivery of Live Internet Talk Radio programming and continues to be the industry leader in digital media, marketing, and distribution. We are the pioneers of digital radio programming and have been since 1999. We create and distribute over 500 unique and innovative radio programs for our millions of engaged listeners worldwide. Our network channels distribute live programs daily that reach a growing domestic and international audience who connect through all devices via our mobile, desktop, and tablet VoiceAmerica destinations. Learn more at http://www.voiceamerica.com . Download the VoiceAmerica App now to listen live on Apple and Android. follow us on Facebook and Twitter . Call us any time to find out how VoiceAmerica can help you reach your audience, 1-855-877-4666.