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The Anointed Life: Powerful New Book by Celebrated Christian Author Proves Flesh Is the True "Enemy of the Soul"

As the companion book to the acclaimed ‘Discovering Your Anointed Numbers’, ‘The Anointed Life: Crucifying the Flesh’ can help anyone triumph in their faith. The book fuses scripture with wisdom to showcase how the flesh actively fights against each person’s true will, and author Carolyn Chambers shares multiple ways to even the playing field so anyone can walk in their anointing. It’s a book that should be a part of every Christian’s collection.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2014 -- Everyone faces adversity and tests in life; but some consistently pass where others fail. Millions still search for an absolute answer, in vain; however, the word of God explains why these patterns exist. In her compelling new book, author Carolyn Chambers exposes the true enemy of the soul—the flesh and how to gain the victory over it.

Everything is revealed in ‘The Anointed Life: Crucifying the Flesh’, which is the follow-up volume to Chambers’ widely-acclaimed ‘Discovering Your Anointed Numbers’. This new book urges Christians to take direct action so that life’s challenges can easily become life’s triumphs.


This Book Will:

- Give you four powerful landmarks of the anointed life
- Help you follow the precepts of the prescribed life
- Enable you to champion the cause of the crucified life
- Position you to receive the blessing of Abraham

We are either in our spirit or in our flesh depending on the thoughts we receive.

Thoughts received from flesh alienate us from the grace of God; while those from the spirit bring righteousness, peace, and joy. The flesh cunningly attacks the will, the mind, and the emotions; keeping us in a place of immaturity and alienated from our inheritance through fear, doubt, and unbelief. However, thoughts received from the spirit position us to live the anointed life - a life lived under the influence of the Holy Spirit.

“My book identifies a man in the book of Jeremiah, by the name of Gedaliah, who refused wisdom and instead chose to follow his flesh; with devastating consequences for himself and perils for others. By contrast, we will look at a group of people who could have suffered the same fate as Gedaliah, but who rose above the situation,” explains Chambers. “This will lead readers to discover that the flesh really is the true enemy of the soul and it creates something of a civil war-style battle within one’s self.”

Continuing, “However, it can be overcome. The book takes readers through the maturation process of the Christian life: from living the prescribed life-for the salvation of the soul, to the crucified life—bypassing the flesh; to the anointed life—life lived freely under the influence of the Holy Spirit. It will challenge you to examine the foundation of your thoughts, beliefs and convictions.”

Chambers believes that her book is applicable to the life of any and all Christians.

“Simply put—everybody is at war with themselves, but God will show us the way and lay the path for us. All we need to do is trust our faith and embrace it. Walking anointed is something everyone can achieve, and my book explains all. This is one very powerful read,” she adds.

‘The Anointed Life: Crucifying the Flesh’, from Anointed Life Publishing, is available now.

For more information, visit the publisher’s website: http://www.anointedlifepublishing.com.

About the Author
Raised in Chicago, Illinois, Carolyn is the seventh of fourteen siblings. As a teen, she developed a love of seeing the potential in others, and encouraging them to reach greater heights.

Mrs. Chambers left Chicago in 1970 to attend the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. There, she studied psychology and philosophy. After obtaining her degree, she then attended the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona, earning a Master's degree in rehabilitation/vocational evaluation.

Mrs. Chambers worked as a Christian psychotherapist for over twenty years. One day, feeling overwhelmed by God's goodness, she asked God, "What can I do for you?" He answered so softly, "Feed my sheep." Mrs. Chambers used various venues to accomplish this vision including: parenting training and teaching; with the Holy Spirit giving her a charge for each assignment. For parenting training, He told her to teach them to love their children. As a teacher, He told her to first put heaven by their side.

Empowered by the Holy Spirit, Mrs. Chambers has spent the last twelve years researching anointing numbers. This book, as well as, “Discovering Your Anointing Numbers” is the culmination of her efforts to complete that assignment.

Mrs. Chambers has been married to her husband Keith for twenty-five years and they now reside in Phoenix, Arizona with their two sons: Nehemiah and Zacharias. They are members of Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church.