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The Apple Denture Center in Lansdowne Now Providing Fixed Bridge Procedures to Patients This Summer


Lansdowne, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/12/2014 -- There are many problems that occur inside the mouth. When not treating the teeth properly, they can become decayed and dislodge from the gums, leaving an open space in the middle of an arch. When a tooth has fallen out, it can have a great effect on the self-esteem of many individuals. This summer, The Apple Denture Center in Lansdowne is announcing they are now providing fixed bridge procedures to patients. The appliance is non-removable (fixed) into the mouth to fill the space of missing teeth.

With a few types of bridges available, the dentist in Lansdowne will consult with the patient to figure out the best option for each particular situation. Bridges will assist in maintaining the desired facial shape, and prevent existing teeth from shifting out of position, which cause further problems to the mouth. The most common type of bridge is the traditional bridge, consisting of two crowns that are attached to artificial teeth, and successfully fill the gap.

Patients who wish to receive a fixed bridge to restore the appearance of their smile are required to make multiple appointments with The Apple Denture Center in Lansdowne. Enamel will be removed when the teeth are numb to allow space for the crown. When impressions are taken of the teeth, an x-ray will be sent to the dental laboratory where a customized bridge will be created. The dentist near Philadelphia checks and adjusts the bridge when they receive it, cementing it into the mouth for a comfortable and proper fit.

This procedure gives patients a highly durable medical appliance that lasts many years, though regular appointments and visits to the dentistry will help ensure patients get the most of their bridges. To hear more about their procedures, or to make an appointment for a consultation or checkup, please visit the website today.

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