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The Archangel of the Caribbean: Award-Winning French-Canadian Author, Miss Elizabeth, Announces English-Language Release of #1 Erotic Pirate Story

Miss Elizabeth’s erotic take on a legendary real-world pirate story has already seen ‘The Archangel of the Caribbean’ become a #1 bestseller in France and Canada. Now, for the first time, the novel has been translated into the English language and is expected to ride the same high waves of success. It’s not normal to see pirates and erotica collide under the same cover, but Miss Elizabeth isn’t an author that sticks to convention. Man the crow’s nest and furl the sails; this is one steamy adventure with a twist.


Quebec, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2014 -- While most writers get by on conforming to literary molds and churning out the ‘same-old’ narratives, abundant success is often reserved only for those willing to break the rules. Miss Elizabeth (real name, Dominike Audet) is literally rocking the boat with an erotic pirate novel that shot to the #1 spot on book lists across France and Canada. Due to overwhelming demand, Miss Elizabeth is now delighted to announce the book’s English language release.

‘The Archangel of the Caribbean’ takes a much-loved historical tale and twists the fray into a steamy erotic adventure that will satisfy any reader’s most secret fantasies.


This novella is set in the stunning scenery of the Caribbean Sea.

It's the eighteenth century, this part of the world is known as The West Indies, housing pirates in search of fortune.

The heroine of this hot adventure is Hannah Thatch, a young energetic and beautiful woman hidden behind the identity of Captain Jake Hannah navigating the Caribbean sea on board her ship: the Archangel. Through the clouds of gunpowder smoke and the salty wind, Hannah is at ease, she knows the sea very well, her father is none other than Edward Thatch, better known as Blackbeard.

Hannah and her crew must find a secret treasure in the Enigma temple of which only her first lieutenant, Heath Fenway, knows the exact location. Hannah would love to surrender to this charismatic and disturbing man who is surrounded by a strong aura of mystery, but she's afraid to reveal her true identity. Don’t forget there is also Edward Connor, her quartermaster, who knows exactly how to arouse her most secret desires.

Now let yourself be carried away by the haunting passions of Hannah Thatch in the hot Caribbean atmosphere and breathtaking scenery.

“You wouldn’t believe how many copies of this eBook we have sold in France and Canada,” explains Miss Elizabeth, whose first novel won a coveted literary award in 2010. “It really seems that people have a thing for pirates! Erotica is more popular now than ever before, and everyone knows and loves stories involving scurvy characters like Blackbeard. We’re fusing the two genres into something never seen before.”

Continuing, “Being French-Canadian, I wanted to test the book out first in my native language. For every French-language copy we sold, we’d get two or three English speakers demanding translation. This created a huge market for us and we’re delighted to finally be satisfying these cross-cultural thirsts.”

Miss Elizabeth has big plans for the future.

“My writing has turned from a hobby into a very serious career. I now have twelve erotic books on sale; each one different and each one straying away from the norm. There’s plenty more ideas on the writing table so stay tuned – because you never know what will come next! “She adds.

‘The Archangel of the Caribbean’, published by Bouquin-Coquin, is available now: http://amzn.to/1vmVmMH

The book can be downloaded for free on the 24th and 25th October, 2014.

About Miss Elizabeth
“Hello my new friends. It’s an honor for me to offer you one of my preferred books.
My pen name for my erotic stories is Miss Elizabeth and my real name is Dominike Audet. I'm a French Canadian writer with three historical novels in print. My first book won a literature prize in 2010. My husband and I have started our own publishing company that celebrated its first anniversary in August. After sales of thousands of eBooks in Canada and in France, we publish original content about every other month. Bouquin-Coquin now offers readers the chance to experience adventures with a twist.”