The ARK Enterprises, Inc. Prepares to Launch a Green Activity Website for Kids


Peculiar, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2013 -- Protecting the environment is a day to day business at ARK Enterprises, which is why we are launching a new Green Activity Website for kids. This website will provide free activities and sponsor regular contests on environmental issues. As a pre-launch activity, ARK is hosting their first graphic design contest with the following announcement:

ECO Graphics Design Contest

We are proud to host the “Do It Green for our Kids!” activity site with this wonderful contest for students in Grades 8 – 12. Kids who are interesting in participating in this contest can make submissions in two categories;

- Do It Green for our Kids!

- ARK Earth Day Logo

Our ECO Graphic Design contest allow kids in Grade 8 – 12 participate directly in the design of the website by submitting a graphic design that best reflects their views on the environment. We understand the importance of keeping our environment clean and taking care of it for generations to come.

You can find out about all the contest details and make submissions at Our contest is free and is the perfect way for kids to demonstrate their wonderful talents in creating graphic designs that will be used to show their feeling about our environment.

We also encourage all of the contestants to visit our main website,, to learn all about our line of 100% Organic “Green” absorbents that are used to clean up oil that is spilled on the water, land and even in the soil. These absorbents are designed to soak up the oil quickly to limit the damage to the environment and protect the wildlife.

Our company also offers free kits for classroom science projects that demonstrate the effectiveness of cleaning oil off the surface of water with P.O.L. Sorb. The classroom kit demonstrates first-hand how organic products can offer effective “green” solutions to oil spills.

When you visit our website, be sure to check out the video “Protecting Wildlife and their Coats”, an important video that is demonstrates how we help protect our environment and wildlife after an oil spill.

About ARK Enterprises
The ARK Enterprises, Inc. is a “Certified Green Business” that manufactures P.O.L. Sorb peat moss absorbent products, Aqua Sorb super absorbent polymers and Quik Solid for the treatment of nuclear wastewater.

Our manufacturing facilities are located in Ionia, Missouri.

If you have any questions about our contest or our company, please send them to

Mimi Snyder
The ARK Enterprises, Inc.
Phone: 800-872-5741