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The Artifacts of Elios: Powerful New Sci-Fi/Fantasy Novel Edifies Heroes and Proves Diligence Always Prevails over Adversity.

Written by R N Skye, the first volume of ‘The Glyph Mage Books’ fuses cutting-edge science fiction with old-fashioned feel-good values to promote good character and strong ethics. With such pertinence to society, the novel is resonating with readers young and old around the world.


Pleasant Grove, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2013 -- While fiction is a staple for millions, many narratives succumb to the archetypal power-hungry heroes who achieve their status through trigger-happy rampages against evil and crude encounters with the opposite sex. However, a compelling new sci-fi/fantasy series by R N Skye is repairing literature’s reputation and proving to thousands that being a force of good and actually being a good person go hand-in-hand.

‘The Artifacts of Elios’, part one of ‘The Glyph Mage Books’, is crushing stereotypes while inspiring its readers to become better people.


On the world of Eliom there once lived the Elios and the Luion. Over two millennia ago the Magical Elios vanished while the rescued Luion remained. Then catastrophe struck and the magical knowledge and the history of the vanished Elios began to disappear and was soon all but gone. All that was left was a monarchy and a republic whose only link to their past were the magical artifacts found in the ruins left behind.

In a now Modern Eliom with an economy powered by recovered artifacts, Magetech student, Shane Chason is nearing graduation, his goal - Solve the mystery of the artifacts.

What he discovers is powerful magic, ancient enemies and a mad king that wants it all for himself to enslave the world and then destroy it all – Only a Glyph Mage can stop the madness.

As the author explains, he worked diligent to create an entertaining story that portrays heroes in a very positive light.

“This story is important because it edifies Heroes. It portrays adversity overcome by diligence and education. It creates a fun story that one can escape into without verbal porn or a bath of lewd crude and base rhetoric - and while there is death it is not egregious or gory. The story shows how companionship can grow as well as how young romance often blooms in spite of our insecurities, even in a lab as a student in college,” says Skye.

Continuing, “The story shows that an athlete can be a scholar and vice versa. That the wealthy are not always power hungry economical carnivores and that good can and does win. I purposely wrote this as an old fashioned feel good 'White hat' book and so far it’s working.”

Working it is. In fact, since its release, the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews.

“When I got to chapter three I could not put this book down. Mr. Skye has out done himself, for a first book this shows we have a great writer on the rise. His use of language that draws the reader in is excellent,” says one reader, who reviewed the book on Amazon.

Benjamin was equally as impressed, adding, “Interesting character development, involved and deep magic system and interesting in unexpected ways. My only 'con' is that I hoped it would be longer!”

With the book’s popularity increasing and further installments in the works, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘The Artifacts of Elios - The Glyph Mage Book I’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1em1lbF

About R N Skye
R N Skye, Born in 1963, has officially "been there done that". He has worked at many things in his life, Milker on a Dairy, D.J., Dock Worker, Roofer, Concrete Finisher, Electrician, Paratrooper and Sergeant in the US Army Special Forces, Technical Writer, Network Engineer, Systems Analyst, and Project Manager, to name just a few - He decided that Author was about the only item not on his resume. He has attended school in many places; before, while in the Army, and afterwards. He has studied Business Management, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and briefly pre-med; mostly chemistry and anatomy.