The Asian Bamboo Ceiling of Big Law Holds Firm: Grover Arnett PSC


Salyersville, KY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2013 -- Even though Asian Americans are successfully breaking through a variety of racial barriers, the “Bamboo Ceiling” continues to prevent them from obtaining high positions in Big Law firms, a statistic that concerns lawyers such as Grover Arnett attorney law.

According to the recent survey released by Pew, Asian Americans excel past most Americans in such areas as being happier, better educated and wealthier. The survey also found that a large percentage (more than 80 percent) of Asians living in the United States do not consider discrimination a pressing issue.

The results taken from the NALP (National Association for Legal Career Professionals) also find that Asian Americans should be sitting high on the Big Law ladder. NALP’s account reveals that Asian Americans represent half of all minorities in the nation as well as in the ranks of Big Law. As legal partners, they are also represented better than the minorities of both Hispanics and African Americans. Another significant finding is that, on average, Asian Americans actually earn more than their white counterparts.

Due to such statistics, most people like Grover Arnett KY would presume that with the increased confidence and momentum held by a growing percentage of Asian Americans, they would be making greater inroads into the elite positions of the legal industry. However, they are not entering the highest positions in Big Law firms but, instead, account for less than 2.5 of such positions.

Although Asian law partners tend to work very hard, they are also much less likely to vocally confront their advancement limitations. Some of this is attributed to their positive outlook of being satisfied with the level they have already obtained.

Discrimination within the legal industry is also perceived as being much more subtle than in other mainstream areas. Often times, when Asians enter the legal field, they carry with them the belief that networking and schmoozing are necessary requirements for advancement which produces an imagined, if not real, cultural barrier.

Asian American stereotypes have also evolved according to a former Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr co-partner, William Lee. He says that early on his former firm was known as All-American, but has since placed Asian partners upon the podium of straightforward and smart litigators, a lofty expectation that can be intimidating and even unobtainable by some Asians entering law.

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