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Diet Doc Announces Diet Plans That Incorporate Principles of the Atkins Diet and the Paleo Diet for Natural, Safe and Fast Weight Loss

Diet Doc combines principles from the Atkins Diet and the Paleo Diet with their medical supervision and natural hormone treatments for safe, natural and extreme weight loss results


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2014 -- To help patients achieve safer and more successful weight loss, Diet Doc has extracted the healthiest principles of the Paleo Diet and the Atkins Diet and merged these principles into the most highly effective and widely respected Medical Weight Loss Programs for natural, safe and extreme weight loss results.

The Atkins diet promotes a reduced carbohydrate intake to prevent fat storage while the premise of the Paleo Diet is that the modern human body cannot effectively digest farmed foods like grains, legumes, dairy, or refined sugars. These diets have one common goal – to help people improve their health, trim their waistline and lead more active and fulfilling lives by consuming foods that fuel the body without accumulating unhealthy fat stores.

Diet Doc has combined some of the healthiest principles of the Atkins Diet and the Paleo Diet, added the knowledge and expertise of a team of specially trained doctors, nurses and nutritionists, incorporated specially formulated 100% pure prescription hormone treatments to turn the body into a fat burning machine, prescription diet pills for those who need a jump start for even faster weight loss, and an impressive collection of nutrient rich vitamin and mineral supplements that are essential to safe, healthy and fast weight loss.

To this, the company has incorporated personalized diet plans that are tailor made for each patient’s body size, shape and metabolism, nutritional and medical needs. They then added the convenience of allowing patients to lose weight without costly and time consuming visits to weight loss clinics and inserted personal service, attention and medical supervision throughout each patient’s journey. This is why Diet Doc has become the leading, most respected and most reliable source of medical weight loss in the nation.

Diet Doc is committed to helping everyone, even those in the most remote areas of the country, lose unhealthy, embarrassing excess fat safely, naturally and rapidly and bring their modern weight loss approach into the comfort of each patient’s living room. By joining forces with Telemedicine, patients can now choose health care professionals and fast weight loss experts from any location in the country. This innovative and modern technology enables Diet Doc patients to complete a health evaluation, speak face to face with one of Diet Doc’s highly trained fast weight loss physicians via the phone or internet, and work closely with the company’s certified nutritionists who will customize meal plans that are specific to the individual needs of each patient.

After a thorough review of the patient’s entire system, the doctor may incorporate prescription hormone treatments that, when combined with the uniquely designed diet plans, signal the brain to target and release stores of trapped fat into the bloodstream to be burned as the body’s primary energy source. Patients find these diet plans interesting while the fast weight loss is motivational.

By combining the healthiest principles of the Atkins Diet and the Paleo Diet with Diet Doc’s medical weight loss programs, the company has become the leader in safe, natural and fast weight loss.

To begin the personal journey toward restored health, more energy and to look and feel better than ever before, call today to schedule a personal, free and confidential consultation.

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