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The ATL Investigator Publishes New Guide on Powers and Limitations of Private Investigators

The ATL Investigator has created a new editorial briefing readers on what private investigators can and cannot do on behalf of clients to help users determine if these services are right for them.


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2015 -- Private investigators are an invaluable asset. With police only able to investigate criminal cases in which there is sufficient evidence to suggest a crime, many subtle wrongdoings and immoralities can be undertaken with a sense of impunity, making PI's an essential tool in helping people establish and prove wrongdoing. There are limits to their powers however, and overstepping them can mean serious ramifications for both investigator and client. Those limits are explored in a new guide on the blog of The ATL Investigator, an online resource center helping people find private investigators in Atlanta.

The new editorial looks at what a private investigator is capable of achieving on behalf of clients, as well as what they can't do, and more importantly, what they shouldn't do. The list helps to brief individuals on the kind of services they can expect, as well as marking out any red flags that could land the investigation in hot water.

While evidence gathering, surveillance in public places, listening in on conversations and utilizing records unavailable to members of the public are all possible, recording those conversations or picking locks to enter homes is still illegal, and could result in charges being unable to be brought due to the use of foul play in securing evidence making it inadmissible.

A spokesperson for The ATL Investigator explained, "Some private investigators insist on using underhand tactics, and in cases where individuals do not want or need to involve law enforcement, they might consider this acceptable. But complications arise when evidence in a criminal investigation is stolen, for instance, and then both investigator and client can be charged with obstruction of justice. In this way, it is always best to use reputable PIs, of which we have an exhaustive list for Atlanta in our free online database."

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