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The Attraction Institute Teaching Men Worldwide to Tap Into their Inner Alpha Male


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/13/2012 -- Thousands of men worldwide are learning true confidence and rejecting pickup artist lines with help from the Attraction Institute. The Attraction Institute is dedicated to helping men build inner confidence and charisma, become naturally attractive to women and fulfill their potential in life.

Every man wants to know how to become an alpha male. The problem is that the mountain of spectacularly inadequate dating advice floating around the ether does not solve the real problems men face in reaching that goal. Now, thousands of men worldwide are discovering that they already possess every skill, tactic, technique and method necessary to be an alpha male via the support of the Attraction Institute (AI). “We started AI with a vision of creating a community of men that are dedicated to creating fulfilling, rich, deep, pure and meaningful relationships with equally fulfilled, rewarded and open women,” said AI Co-Founder Leigh Louey-Gung.

AI, which operates via its website, works under the premise that every man is much more than their identity, nationality, body appearance, possessions and title. Through an extensive array of specific articles, blog posts and coaching programs, the Institute builds on the work of great masters of personal interaction and self-esteem, philosophy and spirituality.

From dating advice for real men, which explores how to seduce a woman without lying, to getting out of the friend zone and releasing the naturally attractive man within, AI provides many detailed observances that help men transform their lives. “Our goal is to show men that all of the false pick-up artist techniques are for those that lack both the understanding of how to tap into their inner strength, and the determination that is necessary to live their own lives on their own two feet,” said AI Co-Founder Steven McConnell.

At the heart of the institute is the belief that the way forward for humanity is not through pursuits of the ego, but through expansion of collective human consciousness. Men from all walks of life are becoming part of the AI Team via their online signup form and taking their first steps by absorbing the material available on the website.

The website provides a number of free eBooks including “Seduction Community Sucks,” the video “Inner Game Challenge,” and their free Newsletter. The website also offers for purchase a number of advanced tools such as the book “Endgame,” which takes men deep inside their reality to show them the core element responsible for every issue they face in life. Other tools include their five-week “Get Real” workshop and the 13 week “Be Powerful” program. “Everything that we do at AI is designed to help men experience the world with inner confidence to lead truly fulfilled lives,” said Louey-Gung. For more information, please visit http://www.attractioninstitute.org/how-to-become-an-alpha-male

About The Attraction Institute
The Attraction Institute is dedicated to helping men build inner confidence, charisma and become naturally attractive to women. The website provides a series of blog posts, articles, eBooks and videos that are available for free and via purchase that help them realize their true self-esteem and confidence. The Attraction Institute has been coaching men all around the world since 2006 through their eBooks and online coaching programs.