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The Austin Cellphone Allows Users to Repair, Sell, and Buy Second Hand Phones at Affordable Price


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2014 -- With the new generation phones launched with high price tags, it is impossible for everyone to get new phones with every release. This does not mean that phone users should stop purchasing the latest cell phones. According to a report, there are a number of people who buy used cell phones. These phones are said to be as good as new because it is refurbished and repaired before being sold. The Austin Cellphone is a trusted company which deals with used phones. The company provides one month warranty and is known for its affordable price tag.

The Austin Cellphone has been in the business for many years and it aims at offering good quality second hand phones for cheap price. A family owned business, the company provides a safe, secured, and professional place to buy, sell, and repair used phones. Customers are not limited to few brands and models; the company sells all types of phone ranging from iphones to Android phones, and other smartphones. Apart from purchasing, customers can also sell their old phones to the company. Unlike other shops, Austin Cellphone gives reasonable cash to its customers.

Repairing a smartphone, iPhone, iPad, or tablets can cost a fortune to users. In order to solve this issue, the company offers repairing service too. Whether it is a broken, smashed screen, hardware or software problems, the company can fix any issue with its team of professional employees. Though the company buys all types of phones, customers should know that it does not purchase any stolen phones. Before selling or buying any phones, it will check for authentication and black listing. Austin Cellphone also solves customer’s queries for free and provides free quote. Interested phone users who want to sell, buy or repair used phones can call at 512-432-5528.

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The Austin Cellphone provides a safe and professional place for individuals to buy, sell, and repair old phones. It also unlocks phones at affordable price.

Scottsdale, AZ