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The Avanti Company Signs Exclusive Distributor Deal with SET

The Avanti Company recently signed an exclusive Florida distribution deal with technology and services company Smart Earth Technologies (SET), representing its SET100 and SET100C valve and Valve Control Software. This expands Avanti and SET’s original agreement, making Avanti the sole source supplier for SET valves in the State.


Avon Park, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2017 -- The new SET valve operates via cellular transmission, removing the need to connect to an AMR or AMI system. With this capability, Utilities can address their concerns with transient or non-paying customers by remotely disconnecting or connecting service without the need to dispatch a truck.. Universities, snowbird communities, manufactured housing and other places where Utilities frequently need to disconnect and re-connect the service, these customers can now be remotely disconnected with the touch of a button. Avanti is very pleased to be representing this solution which will make the lives of our Customers more efficient while reducing the environmental impact of trucks running up and down the streets.

The SETflow™ remote disconnect valve is designed for simplicity in its design and use. By allowing remote management, resources for on-site visits can be focused elsewhere and costs for routine activities are also reduced or removed entirely, including services relating to move-in or move-out. The safety of Utility workers is also greatly enhanced with SETflow™.

In addition to the Cellular option, SETflow™ valves can be prewired to support plug and play connections with the Itron 100W+ , and arrives pre-assembled with an Itron inline connector cable so water utilities can be up and running in moments by simply attaching the connector cable to a 100W+ communication module. he valve is also available in a standalone form with cellular communication that does not need to be attached to an AMR or AMI system.

The new Distributor deal represents The Avanti Company's second collaboration with SET after signing a Florida distribution agreement last year.

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